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Engine cold start, procedure stuck

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Hello everyone,


A few times, I noticed something strange. For the context, it was with a Pe-2  series 35. I do not know if it can happens with other planes.

Spawning on map for a single mission, freeflight, on the parking. Now, when we start the engine (the whole procedure with the E key), well sometimes, when its cold, it stalls, and you have to try and start it up again. This is pretty much normal. Although, the whole procedure then goes with engine stop, turning everything off (would be funnier and more logical to try and give it another spin after some downtime to avoid flooding ).


The problem here, is that if we hit 'E' to launch the restart too soon (before the stop procedure is completely over), we then are stuck in that state, E does not act in anyway to launch the "engine stop" or "engine start" procedure. And basically we have a "dead" engine. Maybe I'm missing something here, I don't know but I did not find anything about this on the forum (I searched Engine cold start combos), so I was wondering if anybody had come across this.


In SP it's a non issue since, well respawn restart, done, but in MP it might be a bit trickier.


Thanks in advance for clarifying this.


EDIT : With the binds for engine 1-2-3 start/stop, this can also be overcome.

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