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Strange "shifting screen" when inside cockpit

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Tried to find something related but couldn't, so I'm posting to see if someone else is having the same problem. It's a little hard to explain, so bear with me as I try:

Sometimes (gross 80%) I get this strange screen shaking while flying (cockpit). It's almost like when you get your engine damaged, except that all screen (including ground) is shifted a few millimeters every second or less to all sides - very sharply - making trying to fix your vision in some point almost impossible.


For example, sometimes I can have this while flying level a 109 @1.0 ATA, at cruising speed (no temp problems, nothing). All of a sudden the screen starts shaking and it is very hard to fix your vision at something, causing discomfort. No strange sound from engine, everything looks normal on instruments.

This is the only sim that I have this behavior. It is related to engine vibration, because when I shut it down during flight all becomes butter smooth again.


I think that this "feature" is trying to emulate some sort of aircraft shaking, but if so, it is definitely doing it very poorly, because your eyes can compensate for vibrations and as such, only the cockpit should shake, not everything on ground (or at least the ground should shake veeeeery smootlhy). I also don't have "head shaking" turned on, because I use trackir. 


Most important: is there a way to dampen or disable this "feature" until it get sorted out? 

Second, why a 109 would shake while flying 1.0ATA all radiators open, no temp problem?




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The only time I have seen anything that sounds like that is after one of the previous updates when I got an odd shifting motion of the whole screen at regular short intervals.  I think some people hypothesized that it related to using a FFB and TiR simultaneously - which I do.


After a Nvidea card upgrade and new drivers, I have not seen this again.


As said above, capture on film and give your PC specs: you are more likely to get a solution.

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Hi guys, reinstalled the gfx drivers (clean) and couldn't replicate the issue until now. Also, I've put FFB on zero (both sliders) - although I already had it off (who knows?).

If the shaking appears again, will try to film and put on YT to show what I was experiencing. As I commented, it seems to be something else than "engine vibration", as the ground shaked a lot as well. 

@unreasonable, yes, I know what you mean by that 1-second shift (I had it too few versions ago). To better describe what I was seeing this time, it is like this 1-second shift was occurring every 1/10 of a second. Very weird.


So far, thank you for your inputs.



EDIT: just to leave my setup: i5 3750K @4.4Ghz, GTX 770 4Gb VRAM, Win10 x64 16Gb RAM, 500Gb SSD, 2560x1080 @ 144Hz. 

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