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Bf109F Base Tactics

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Congratulations about putting complex concepts into practice in a really comprehensive video.


I could make some remarks that may help you further improve your game experience in BOX.

It looks like you are wobbling way too much making hitting harder. Waiting for the next FM that will resolve this issue you can increase the sensibility in the pitch (nonlinearity). Mine is something about 60%. My explanation is that the game is modeled over the length of the original 109 stick which is longer. So a minor movement in our gaming stick translates in a much bigger deflection in the simulator. Some people are even making joystick extensions.  Actually I am completely OK with the FM as it is right now.


The next thing is that maybe you need to pop up your head above the center of the aiming cross. The reason is that when you pull G in this game your body sinks, which is realistic and gives you a further immersion. However in practice you can pop-up the body to compensate for that. And even if you do not pull g's you have a better field of vision. Personnaly I even look how much the body sinks and I use it as a kind of a G meter.


Finally you should not engage in turning fights with 109 with more than 250 l. of fuel, unless you want to make it a specific challenge.

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