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Guide: Verify/Analyze Game Files (Non Steam Version)

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Hello fellow pilots
(sorry had to repost this due to un moderated trolling on other post and apparently i can't delete my OWN threads.)

Recently while messing with my skinpack installer i somehow deleted some game files(graphics files) so i was looking around for a way to verify/Analyze game files so i did not have to do a fresh install of entire game but could not find a guide anywhere or if it was possible.

After a little tinkering i found if i clear or backup the contents of the folder below the launcher analyzes the game files and started downloading the missing files :D

So to Force a file Verification
- Backup the contents of the following folder or as it replaces them all i just deleted them anyways after.

XX:\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\updates

- Run the launcher and let it analyze the files, it will start downloading the missing files
(I suggest "prefer web distribution" in launcher settings)


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I noticed that after I took out the updates folder that my keymapping is all default now...is there a file where the keymapping is kept so I can drop it back in and have it restored? tks

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Removing the Updates Folder Does not Remove Key mappings they are entire different areas. 

Something else happened or got corrupted.
Like if you try to manual Alter key binding file (to say change team chat to ENTER from Control Enter)
then this might happen as the file is no longer genuine


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Be sure to backup your startup.cfg, skins and if you have custom photos, the planes , and the vehicles folder for tanks...as these, from my experience get over-written back to default.

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