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Tzigy's Random Post Memorial Day Gifting Extravaganza

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Only Few Rules. U have not gotten anything from me before. 1st come. If asking for a friend, he or she better be at least semi-serious about trying it....

Have one of each to go to a good home:

Fw190. Inprogress, key sent
La5. Vastarien,key sent
Mc202 svaf/f19_tomten, key sent
BOSprem. Maddogsapper, key sent
BOMstand. Gse_schentzer, key sent
BOMprem. Xenochrist, key sent
BOKprem. Foghorn, key sent
10doa. Von_greiff, key sent
Yak1b. Esco, key sent
Ju53. [Tcs]Timx, key sent
BOMprem  ITAF_alessio, key sent

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Fw190 please (:


Btw BoSprem sounds funny xD

Btw2 once i got gift but i really don't remember from who.. so if that's you, chceck it so I won't look bad :s

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<SA> Tzigy!


Thank you so much from Germany!


...can't remember when someone gifted me something, very generous and such a nice move.

I will enjoy this campaign because I got a little bit rusty on the stick and so I think a SP-campaign will get me in shape again.

Hopefully I can give something in return to the community when $ isn't such an issue anymore.


Thanks again!



v.Greiff :joy:

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Good show, Tzigy!!  :good:

Lived in Anchorage myself back in the early 90's, and Memorial Day usually also meant restocking my freezer with king salmon & halibut!  Fun times.  Hope you had some luck if that was part of your plans last weekend.

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not much fishing for us this summer, lots of traveling, kids soccer, etc.


will definitely go dipnetting, freezer needs restocking...


in Prg now, looking fwd to my traditional Kbely Aviation museum visit..


just got here, can't wait, Czech draft beer is the best in the world...

To all lucky "winners":


Enjoy and see ya online!!! hopefully on my wing or in my gs!!



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