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Dynamic Supply System

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Hey everyone,

So I have had this idea and my friends think I should post it here to see what you guys think of it. So here is the rough outline.



It’s Eurotruck and Train Simulator in IL-2! A ticket based economy within online missions to make the choices of players more impactful to the outcome of the mission. Player controlled vehicles have use tickets to spawn. To take a plane with full fuel, full ammo and completely repaired the aircraft's max tickets are used. The bases are resupplied by AI trains, truck convoys and airplanes. So in conjunction with the standard ground target set to win a mission, players can try to destroy the enemies supplies and limited the base choices and aircraft performance of the enemy. As resources are depleted, players can then take over the supply convoys, trains and if they have the Ju-52 they could even try to fly critical supplies from off map or between air bases that need supplies.


** I understand that some of the features talked about require some significant additions to the game. To comment on that beforehand, 3rd person truck/train and AA commanding with current assets would be a good option.



1) To create a more immersive and diverse game experience in IL-2 I have developed this idea of adding an ticket economy system. This will hopefully create more realistic “duties” that a WWII pilot might have. The system revolves around supply tickets of parts, fuel and munitions. (munitions could be broken down into machine gun ammo, cannon ammo, and bombs) Tickets are could be classified into 3 type or more; Parts, Fuel, ammo. Munitions could be further subdivided into machine gun ammo, cannon ammo, and bombs.  Each aircraft when fully loaded will use up tickets for instance a 109 might use 5 parts, 5 fuel and 5 munition tickets to spawn fully loaded. Each aircraft should have different ticket requirements to balance the game. The tickets are released back at the base at which the pilot landed at. If an plane expended ammo and is damaged it has used up some parts, fuel and munition tickets. For example: two moderately damaged places only bring back 3 of 5 parts tickets each, thus creating only 1 flyable plane from the “scavenged” parts. At the beginning of a mission each base will have a set number of tickets to allow for players to spawn the aircraft of their choice and availability. As the mission continues and planes are shot down the tickets at the bases will begin to run out. The bases are resupplied by AI trains, trucks,  air transports, and ships could even become an addition too. The transports themselves hold the tickets so if they are lost the tickets won’t be delivered to the bases. This makes it important to do the sometimes mundane but realistic task to escort the the Ju-52s and trucks to your bases.


2) What happens when you get shot down trying to defend your transports or trains and don’t have time to fly back to save it?

You can take command of the transports and man the AA guns to defend or try to hide your convoy in the woods! *I understand that adding drivable vehicles and first person AA isn’t practical at the moment but I think that 3rd person control would suffice.* Convoy control is simple, you drive the lead vehicle and the trucks will follow you. I am not familiar with the convoy AI design so you might be limited to waypoints instead. Not only would truck convoys be “driveable” but so would trains and maybe even ships, given the new Kuban map and sea units being creating it could be a future feature. If a player is commanding the resupply units they will likely be able to resupply the bases faster than the AI could. This creates small motivation for players.


3) When a convoy reaches its destination its payload is delivered to the airbase. If a base is low on tickets and needs urgent resupply, a plane can be flown from one base to another and landed to deliver the plane’s cost in tickets to the different base. *Already in the game to ferry planes - but with addition of tickets system* Folks who have the Ju-52 can also take the cargo payload to supply bases with tickets.


4) Trains, ships and Ju-52s entering from off map and then from stations/docks/supply dumps truck convoys will take supplies to the bases. These key points could also be bombed to destroy the tickets stored there before the trucks could move them forward. Specific tickets would also be destroyed by blowing up ammo dumps, hangers or fuel tanks on airbases or around the map. The same would also apply to trains and convoys with specific vehicles holding a vehicle specific ticket for example fuel in tanker trucks, ammo or parts in cargo trucks. Once they are on map they can be controlled for entire game session is someone so desired.


5) How do tanks play into this idea?! They can push through enemy lines and try to seize enemy tickets, given they also require tickets to maintain just like planes.


6) How this idea fits into the future of IL-2. Given the tactics of WWII armored thrusts to capture airbases and encircle ground forces were common and this could allow for a dynamic strategic aspect to a lot of the online missions. I have not experimented with Commander mode in IL-2 but the above features would allow commanders more tactical options with ground forces objectives as well as being able to make strategic choices on where supplies are best used.

Please correct me if I am incorrect, but a lot of the groundwork seems to be laid down for something like this to be put in place.


Here is a list of key features that would be important for the success of this idea.

  • Player controlled AA

  • Player controlled trucks trains and ships (interior or advanced DM not needed)

  • A ticket transfer feature.

  • A record of all fuel munitions and parts used up or damaged in aircraft or on the ground.

  • A editor interface for mission builders


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