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Newbie 190/109 pilot looking for a squadron

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to BoS though I've flown quite a bit in 1946, however this game is very different and I need to get the hang of it starting from the basics. I'd like to find a squadron which can help me improve putting me through the paces.

  • I usually have 1 hour in the evening (21-22 GMT+1, Italy) and slightly more time during the weekend;
  • My favourite plane on which I'd like to fly is the 190, but I'm more than happy to use the 109



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Hello Hello WildBlue


Take a look here, the SACG group.



We have members from all over, we have a 190 unit, 2./JG51, as well as a 109 unit, 4./JG52. We have trainers and resources to help you improve, and there's usually a couple online every night. We also have missions flights of bombers and escorts that are good fun. 


And if you're interested here




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I run a more casual outfit called FFS that you might be interested in.  We're non-factional and you can fly whatever you'd like.  I currently have a couple of active 109 pilots in Europe, so there's a good bit of coverage in your available play times.  Check out our post on this forum and if that sparks your interest, send me a PM.  I'd be happy to spend some time with you myself getting you familiar with the 109 or 190.



Also, you can't go wrong with SACG, they're an excellent & organized unit!

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Hi WildBlueYonder!


I run a unit called FFS that you might be interested in.  Most of my guys are Luftwaffe pilots, so you wouldn't find yourself out of place with the 190 at all.  We also regularly hold training classes and help each other develop our skills.  We're also holding a training class today at 13:30 MST (GMT+7), which if my math is right, that's 21:30 your time if you'd like to join us.


Some of my most active members are in the UK/EU as well, so you wouldn't be alone.


Here's a link to our recruiting post:  https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29226-ffs-non-faction-binding-tactically-based-squadron-people-who/


Here's a link to an imgur album that shows FFS operating just 2 days ago, in case you wanted to get an idea for how active & versatile we are:  http://imgur.com/a/iuJnQ


Send me a PM if you're interested!

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