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Spike Milligan became friends with Harry Secombe while serving in the Royal Artillery in Italy.  A cannon slipped over the side of a mountain road and rolled into a gully.  Milligan went down there and encountered some tommies on the way.  He asked one (Secombe) if he saw a cannon go past... 
Secombe replied:
“What colour was it?”



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17 minutes ago, Diggun said:

Canadians are weird...




Source: I am Canadian. It's the long winters and the wacky neighbours.

On 9/29/2020 at 8:37 AM, Heliopause said:

Can we do this another time darling? I'm in the middle of something .....


Me 109 pilot.png

"Sorry, honey. I'm at the store right now and they're out of TP again. Also, what's the number for our mechanic again? No reason."

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