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Fantasy Training Mission Request

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I have convinced a few of my friends to purchase BoS (it's a start ;) ). We wanted to get a private mission/server with no time limit and all the available flyable aircraft. I have already applied for the second account to run the DServer from but tonight I discovered that I cannot use the Editor as it crashes giving me 3 different D3D errors. I found here that others also have this problem and so far the fixes from 1C/777 did not help. I tried the official auto-fixes and RegEdit'ing the registry myself but with no luck.


Would anybody here be willing to create a mission for us with the below parameters and send the file to us so that we could run it?

- 10:00 am

- no time limit

- all aircraft (BoS, BoM, BoK, Collector) available on one field

- all aircraft ground start

- all mods available


I assume the password is setup in DServer, not in Editor?



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I have something ready that might be shuitable, what side are flying for? It has some rus AI flying but it can be changed

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Did you get what you were looking for? If not then I'm about to produce a training map based on the Moscow Summer map that may suit.

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