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szelljr skindeposit

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On 6/21/2018 at 9:27 PM, szelljr said:

...original this is  a G10 skin. I dont no if the color is correct:biggrin:,...RLM 83 ?? 🌏





Very nice skin, regardless of the color.

I've made this one for the old IL2-1946 from a profile of Claes Sundin published in "Bataille dans le ciel d'Allemagne" by Jean-Yves LORANT & Richard GOYAT :



As far as I can remember there were some balck and withe pictures that suggest a two color paint scheme. But it was difficult to guess which colors there were ...

At the time I've chosen to make a RLM81/RLM82 paint scheme.

It was also likely that the under part of the fusalage was RLM81/82.

Underwing were bare aluminium except mobile parts painted in RLM65


See how it looked at the time (twelve years from now ...) :




By the way Szelljr, your other Bf109 skin are very nice too.







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Hali! Tudnál G-14-hez magyar történelmi skineket is gyártani? 
Could you do some Hungarian historical skins, please?

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This section is in English. Non English post were/will be deleted.


Also check pics for no hided Swastikas and cover them up or put them under spoilers.



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