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36 minutes ago, Yardstick said:

Love all your skins👍 


The tail on K4-S is missing the serial number (not sure if that is intentional).

Lol , i forget ! :lol:. I reupload when i fixed .

59 minutes ago, Viktor33_33 said:

Сan I download the previous 15 skins? Are they fixed?

Nope 😶.  I cant fixed ,i deleted the templates...i have only the last1(Grabowski)

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21 minutes ago, E69_julian57 said:

I'll have to update mine.:scratch_one-s_head:

I updated only 2 ,not have the templates...i not make again from zero. There is more problems on "weathering" layers, end on "panel lines & rivets" layer...

You cant make in dds,only in psd.

Edited by szelljr
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On 7/23/2020 at 9:35 PM, szelljr said:

...ehhh,  after 15 skins i find this problem on template.😐.   


Hi szelljr,

on the skin, just clone this part as seen on the screenshot (a crop of the template with wireframe) below :




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37 minutes ago, Swing said:

Right side of this plane Szelljr ;)


NEW LINK !! ( GRRRRR !! AHHHHHHHH !! F..... ),LOL , Thank you for the info ! :salute:.



Edited by szelljr
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