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Support ticket doesn't work and i can't login BoS

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i sent support tickets 3 times but nothing happened. so i write my problem this forum.

I bought BoM premium edition when 2017.02.28 with promo code. and i was choose 'Buy for yourself'.
but there is no activation key button. i can see only 'send gift' button.

So i can't login this game.
if i login BoS, download launcher version, then '#5 : license key is not activated' message continuosly pop up. and steam version same too.

how can i solve this problem?



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I am having the same problem.  I cannot logon to my steam version of BOS with this error and I cannot logon to my stand alone version of BOM with this error.  I keep sending in tickets for help and get back email that state they don't know what the problem is?  I would also like to know how I can solve this problem?

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