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Multiplayer these days...?

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I bought, but not played in 2 years, Battle of Stalingrad and considering buying Battle of Moscow premium edition. Before I take the plunge I have a few questions about MP:


Is there a robust MP in this game? How many players on for example 8pm EST zone?  If I decide to buy the game what joystick would you suggest? Any other comments are welcome...


Also, can the Italian MC 202 carry bombs? ;)

How is it in multiplayer...underpowered and played?


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Can I suggest that you re-post this question in the General Discussion area as it might get greater visibility there!?


However, in the mean time, the first link below is to a few servers therefore you should be able to see who is currently playing in your time zone.

The second link is to the Tactical Air War, which is a server that usually runs over the best of 5 maps to win and is more of a campaign than a quick battle.  In the manual part of this link (drop down menu at top of the TAW web page), you can see what aircraft you can play and with what restrictions, however, depending on the server most allow the MC202 to carry bombs.  In addition, you can see how many are currently in game.


There are other servers but you need to be in game to see the others servers as I do not have the external links to them


The third link is to a CM202 familiarization video, but this same web page group provide training for all the aircraft type.  I do fly the CM202 although it has a habit of going into a flat spin for me, although this is well documented flight characteristic.   The fourth link is just to show you that there are groups within IL2 who do use the CM202 for ground attacks that are co-ordinated.


I use only a Logitech 3D pro joystick, but as i said if you ask the same question on the General area, you should get more replies.

I for one believe that the MP is well supported but please use the links below to see who is actually online at your required timings.


Hope this helps!?










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The MC 202 is one beautiful looking craft. :)

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On paper it looks nice.

About the only thing i have flown with a single engine other than stuka
Flies very stable (no trims needed really due to design)

Same max speed limit as FW190 helps but MUCH high Max G @ 14.5 Versus FW190 10.5G
More than a few times i made my MC202 pilot black out pulling that hard and it does not spin in.
Just keeps turning @ 12-13G

Sadly in servers like Wings of liberty the 20mm Cannon are almost never unlocked so you always stuck firing lego blocks at enemy planes.

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