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Developer Diary, Part 149 - Discussion

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Hello Everybody,
Another productive week has passed. We achieved a good progress in implementing VR devices support via Open VR API - HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. 
At the same time, He-111 H-16 and Fw 190 A-5 development is almost finished and we'll start their beta testing this weekend (they will be released in 2-3 weeks).
There is some progress in developing the new Career mode that we announced together with Battle of Kuban.


Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
You're very welcome to subscribe for new videos here

You can ask new questions in this thread

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Wow... you guys are on fire!!  :new_russian:


Releasing the A5 ahead of schedule... And the A-20 looks promising. Looking forward to that one. 


Just a question. But didn't the A-20 have a ventral machine gun? 


Grt M 

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Wow!!! He 111H16 and Fw 190A5 in one patch due in just a couple weeks?!?? I did nazi that coming! Bravo :good:


Good to get an update for the VR folks as well. I don't belong in that crowd, but I can imagine how excited they must be to hear that it's working and just needs some optimization.


The A-20 looks gorgeous, I might just get started on really diving into level bombing.


I feel I'm repeating myself, but the pace you guys work at and the quality you produce is astounding!

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Awesome! Cant wait to fly using my Rift!
Bomber looking great!

With the way you handle things currently there is NO WAY you will not be successful!
Even thou I dont get to fly that much currently you still can at least be sure of my support!


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not sure if i'm more excited for the Fw or the new Heinkel both are gonna be very interesting. Looking forward to the new patch.

Talking about the new patch. any chance we might see a fix for the DM of the 110 G-2s guns before the next big patch?

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Great news!


Thank you very much - you guys are really fantastic. I'm grateful knowing there are people out there with the same passion we have.



Very nice looking :)

Just imagine how expensive will be the B-17!


Yes, I had the same thoughts...  :yahoo:

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First, the A-20B is a thing of beauty. I always had a soft spot for this plane and I sense I'll be spending a lot of time flying it when it becomes available. The wait will be a killer but I'm sure it will be worth it. Look at those lines! Stunning work!


Second, I was not expecting the He111H-16 and FW190A-5 to come together and to be coming so soon. Well done team!

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