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AI skills in quick missions

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#1 machtu

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Posted 11 February 2017 - 18:56

I do quite a bit of training against the AI's in quick mission.  When I go to multiplayer, it is no surprise that interfacing with humans is quite different.


A couple of things I find different with the AI is they are slower and less creative to get on my tail than humans.  As I up their skill level for a more challenging scenerio, their flying and teamwork skills improve (but still slower in manuvering).  However, once you get to veteran and ace levels, the aiming skills are beyond the limit.  I see the AI on replays letting loose with shots up a km away and hitting me on a snapshot!  Because of the unbelievable accuracy the AI has at higher level, I usually set the AI skill at "average".  They are still great shots at that level, but manuvering skills are less than the ace level.


It would be nice to have a more human style opponent in the AI which could maybe be done with up to 3 seperate AI skill level settings.

1  Manuvering skill

2  Teamwork with other AI 

3  Marksmanship


Just dreaming.  Thanks for all the work put into this fantastic simulator!


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#2 Uriah

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 01:18

You will find that the AI in quick mission will do the same thing if you do the same thing, regardless of which planes are flown.

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