Hello! I do not speak English and I use Google Translate, I apologize. I imagine plugin PlayClaw5 Plus, which will help to take the right course to the target or to any other place on the map. The plugin allows you to overlay a grid navigation directly on the map in the game, and thus determine the exact course to fly toward the target. The plug required PlayClaw5 Plus program, which can be downloaded free of charge from the website: http://www.playclaw.com/   Installation and Configuration 1. Install PlayClaw5 Plus program; 2. Download the archive with the plugin via the link: download NaviGrid sharing  unpack the archive contents in the folder ... \ PlayClaw 5 Plus \ plugins \ 3. Run PlayClaw5 Plus, open the plugin configuration, tick Navigation Grid, set the key by pressing which will be displayed on the navigation screen mesh. Just specify the path to the output image ... \ PlayClaw 5 Plus \ plugins \ NAVIgrid \ image.png 4. The preview overlay overlay drag a box on the screen. 5. Open the file in a text editor ... \ IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad \ data \ startup.cfg Line exclusive = 1 change to exclusive = 0   Video on Russian