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Were Luftwaffe overclaiming liars?

Were Luftwaffe overclaiming liars?  

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  1. 1. Were Luftwaffe overclaiming liars?

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"They opened fire from a range of 150 meters. Batz pulled out of the dive and fired again. He and Hillers each shot down a bomber. The other two members of the Schwarm, Steincke and Albertz, also downed a Pe-2 each. The leading group of Soviet bombers had been wiped out. The four Messerschmitts climbed and positioned themselves for another pass. Two more Soviet bombers began to burn. A third was hit and veered out of formation---straight toward the aircraft flown by Steinchke. The German pilot sideslipped out of the bomber's path and hit it with a full burst from barely eight meters away. The Pe-2 disintegrated. A piece of wreckage struck Steincke's machine, which went into a spin."


Liars, Pe-2s don't burn or disintegrated.



"Finally, after a three-minute dogfight, he got in a fatal burst and the Soviet fighter crashed in flames."




"Barkhorn gave the order to attack. The Messerschmitts dived on the IL-2s and Barkhorn shot one down on his first pass, hitting the enemy aircaft in the oil cooler. Batz and his men and the two pairs that made up the headquarters Schwarm selected their targets and opened fire. Batz closed with an IL-2 and caught the Soviet aircraft with a burst of cannon fire. The exploding rounds severed the IL-2s right wing; the Soviet machine spun to the ground and exploded."




"Batz saw the IL-2s oil cooler burst apart and a gray cloud emerged from the shattered tank...The IL-2 exploded, scattering debris..."


Lies. Gray smoke means it still can go for days. Lies.


"The pilot of the Soviet machine rolled to the right and took a full burst that walked through the aircraft from engine to tail and caused it to exploded."


Hmm. Doesn't sound right. Yaks were structurally beast and self sealing fuel tanks. Never would happen in a burst. Lies.


"A long burst struck the Yak. A wing came off, then part of the tail assembly."


Didnt know a Yak's tail assembly could do that.


"Batz felt several bullets hit the fuselage of his Bf-109, but there was no serious damage."


Batz, was a liar. Surely something was severed on his plane.


"Batz's wingman saved him by shooting down an IL-2 that had moved into position on his tail. Hellmers opened fire a fraction of a second sooner than the Soviet pilot; his bullets struck the fuel tank of the IL-2, which immediately burst into flames."


IL-2 was a beast. That wouldn't happen. Freaking more lies.


These Luftwaffe guys are unreal

Hellmers couldn't blow up a IL-2

IL-2s dont blow up or lose wings

Soviet planes don't go down in a burst of fire

German pilots probably overclaimed

Axis planes couldn't take bullet hits in the fuselage

Messerschmitts were far more fragile than Soviet counterparts

Erich Hartmann probably overclaimed

Il-2s and Pe-2s dont disintegrate 

Stiencke overclaimed

Batz overclaimed 

Il-2 oiler cooler wouldn't blow up a plane

Albertz overclaimed

Shooting down a Pe-2 never sounded so easy

Easy to shoot down Pe-2?

Did they overclaim?

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There is no use in citing an arbitrary text (source? author? publisher?), point on that excerpt and cry out loud "that's lies"! But somehow I know this kind. Sometimes, at small old bridges, me and my two younger brothers meet such huge hairy blokes. They start to yell at my brothers, won't let them pass, claim duties and make a lot of fuss. Finally nothing happens, they always wait for me. I just ask them if they know the story of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff"? Believe it or not, all those trolls dig deep into their pockets and proudly present a fine laptop to me: "sure know that tale, have internet!" And they step aside, no need to argue.

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