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Game version 2.006 discussion: DX11, Ju 52, Bf 109 G-4, Scripted Campaign, "10 Days of Autumn"


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Update 2.006

Dear Pilots,
today is one of the most important days in our project history. We just released the update containing several key features that open up new possibilities and future pesrpective.
First, this is Bf 109 G-4 release, the release of the first aircraft for Battle of Kuban, meaning that Early Access for Battle of Kuban just started. From now on, Battle of Kuban owners will receive regular updates that will gradually add more BoK content as it gets ready.
Second, the game now uses DirectX 11 renderer. This is an important milestone. It brings mainly performance gains, but it also opens up many possibilities for improving visuals.
Third, Ju-52/3m g4e is released. This aircraft brings many new gameplay features. Three new mission types for the current campaign - paradrop, cargo paradrop and cargo delivery. They can be used in complex multiplayer missions as well.
Fourth, new Scripted Campaign mode has been added and everyone can create and distribute campaigns, We'll tell you about how it's done in coming Dev Diaries.
Fifth, the first official scripted campaign made by Alexander -BlackSix- Timoshokov, "Ten Days of Autumn", has been released. This historical campaign tells about the events of one of the German squadrons during the Battle of Moscow.
Important notes:
1. If you're using Windows 7, you must have this Microsoft update installed for the sim to function correctly in DirectX 11 mode: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2670838
2. Please note that nVidia profile for the game is for DirectX 9, so there may be issues in full screen mode and/or while using GeForce experience utility. If you encounter graphics issues in full screen mode, please try switching ot windowed mode and/or turning off GeForce experience until this profile is updated.
3. If you want to create your own scripted campaign, a sample campaign is provided in .zip file attached to this post for your reference.
4. For backup and restoring your input configuration use saving and copying ONLY for following files:
If you will copy other files this may cause incorrect work of the game.


News on 2.006 update, full text

You can ask new questions in this thread

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Looks like I am now getting a solid 60 fps whilst flying in a formation of about 10 aircraft, even in windowed mode which normally sucks for framerate.


The game wouldn't let me start in fullscreen at all.



i7 4790k @4.6

2 x GTX980 in sli

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You guys are legendary. The amount of extra mile you went for the consumers is amazing. Pulling this insane hours to push the patch is absolutely incredible.

Since the shine of RoF and forever loyal to you. :salute:

<<<I'll have my BOK plate when I get the chance! You deserve it!

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Great job!!!! been waiting all day for this...now take a break and have a very merry Christmas you have earned it...Oh and have a few shots of vodka....If I was in Moscow I would be buying.... :P

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First test in QMB the game seems to run fine, update went through without problems here. Get your well deserved vodka me thinks, it's already late in Russia... :salute:

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Fantastic effort guys, solid 60 FPS in all conditions.  Awesome job.  AMD 8350, R9 390 GPU, 16 GB RAM.  Can't really do much testing tonight but I'll be flying tomorrow.  Couldn't start in full screen either, not a big problem for me.


Edit:  FPS figure quick mission 8v8 Summer map 500m-300m engagement altitude clear weather

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