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Merry Christmas Part 2--Ju-52 Gift Keys

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Following in the spirit of HerrMurf's, Cybermat47's, PA-Sniv's, Jade_Monkey's, 19thGIAP//Rekt's, and LuseKofte's kindness I'm gifting 2 make that 4 Keys to BoK and 2 4 Keys to the Ju-52 for Christmas. I'll draw the winners' names from a hat on the 24th.


In this thread (Part 2) let me know if you would like a Key to your very own Ju-52.


Merry Christmas


EDIT: Based upon the response I've added 2 each, so a total of 4 BoK and 4 Ju-52 keys will be given away. But PLEASE sign up in the correct thread or you might be missed in the proper drawing. And I added the names of other guys who have kindly shared with this community, sorry if I left somebody out.

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S~  busdriver!


"Bello!"  I would like to enter your draw for this awesome opportunity :)  

Thank you for this!  I myself wouldn't be able to purchase this anytime soon for personal issues, but if I have a chance at a give away I'll take it.

It would be nice to finally run supply drops fro real.  The development behind the Ju-52 is also quite fascinating, the way they will incorporate all bells and whistles for this beauty will be fun.


Best of luck, Happy Holidays, and hope to see you in the skies in the New Year!

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