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Just finished the first stage of this. Using these dimensions:



To use as reference. The pedal angle is a bit off and the seat it actually a couple inches higher then in the image. Logitech G940 with stick extended and yoke bearings upgraded and shimmed to remove play. The pedals have a Yamaha R1 steering dampener to give them a  more realistic feel, this however makes the play in the pedals more noticeable. I intent to replace these with MFG Crosswinds soon :D Also planning on getting a Saitek throttle quad to put low to the left of the seat to use for oil/radiator etc. 





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This is My Pit before it was my Race chair :)  today i finished my first small Panel.

It must be a universal Pit i Fly FSX and DCS and COD,BOS with it



OLD Times











First Small Panel






regards Ken

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On 17/04/2018 at 2:16 AM, BP_Lizard said:

Wow! Great looking sim pits.

McMurdo: That is amazing! How long did it take you to build that? Are the gauges functional?

No sorry 😐 as far as I know il2 box does not give you the data for working gauges ? ULA file ? The clock works tho 😀 as do all the switches.

17 hours ago, ITAF_Rani said:

Mc Murdo my compliments..I m really envious:rolleyes:

Could you tell us same details about the construction.

Many txs

Yes I can give you more photos on the build it was scaled up from a 1/20 scale verlinden cockpit collectors series model.

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16 hours ago, Beazil said:

That is one awesome Fw pit.

Thank you there’s much better ones out there than my effort but thank you very much ☺️

16 minutes ago, ITAF_Rani said:

Many txs...could you post them here?

Yes I’ll look them out and do that thank you.

21 hours ago, 6./ZG76_Archie said:

Here's mine, with my new GVL throttle!

gvl cockpit.jpg

Fantastic! I’m after one of his throttles for my pit as 190 ones are nonexistent 😩 been talking to him and have the dosh just can’t decide what buttons to go for on it 🤓 very nice set up tho it’s quite a bug when it starts to bite the cockpit bug.

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Lensman, That thing is beautiful! Like yours, all my switches are functional. I set my pit up so that when you reached out your hand in VR, the switch or knob would be close to where it appears to be in the hmd. But your really looks the part. Wow, great job. I designed a gunsight that holds two potentiometers for axis’s. I’d be willing to share the printable files with you. It looks like that’s all that’s missing. Let me know.

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1 hour ago, Seb71 said:

If using VR, kind of defeats the purpose.

That's a good point, and in honesty I built the pit to go with a projector and screen set up which I still have in place. However, as most people find, once you try VR there is no going back to a screen and as BKork says, if the pit is to scale, all the controls and switches come to hand as you reach out in the virtual world. :)

It's also kind of neat and immersive having to wriggle yourself into the pit and feel the 'physical' confines before donning the RIFT.

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