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Very sensitive Saitek Throttle Quadrant (percentages on HUD)

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I have a Saitek Throttle Quadrant, which is great to use with my X-56, however I've always noticed that the throttle quadrant is very very sensitive. My percentages on the HUD are always flickering between 1% difference (ie-going from 90% to 91% and back within seconds). This isn't a huge problem, however it becomes incredibly annoying to see these numbers always popping up on my HUD. I would turn off these messages in game, but I still find them useful.


My question; is there anything I can do in the game or with the throttle quadrant's profile settings to minimize or eliminate this minor issue?

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Try in the setting menu, input devices,  to play with the noise filter cursor    

if you put it to 1  the joystick is very less sensitive  

my setting are 0.4

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Hi, got the same "issue".

I already cleaned the potentiometers and even re-welded some connections, but it is still really sensitive.

I will try NNFFL-Carleo advise.

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That was my problem with the quadrant, too. Since it is quite tricky to extract (hot glue), open and clean the potentiometers, I just opened the quadrant until I was able to achive free access to the potis. Took a little srewdriver, turned them 10 x to the left, 10 x to the right and re-assembled. Voila, that happend 5 month agon and until today they operate like being factory-fresh.

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