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Need Help with Squadron Histories


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Once we have determined the squadrons that will be included in the Career mode, we will need a brief, but accurate history of each squadron from WWII and possibly beyond.


We did this in Rise of Flight and it was a large undertaking. But info on WWII squadrons might be more readily available. 


Here is an example of one from Rise of Flight.


No.23 Squadron RFC

No. 23 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps was formed at Fort Grange, Gosport on 1 September 1915. The squadron moved to France in 1916 flying FE2bs. The squadron used the FE2b on escort duties but later in 1917 converted to Spad S.VII and Spad S.XIII single-seaters. The squadron converted to Sopwith Dolphins in 1918 until it disbanded just after the war on 31 December 1919.
The squadron was re-formed on 1 July 1925 at RAF Henlow with the Sopwith Snipe, then used other biplane fighters.

Among the 19 aces that served within its ranks in World War I were William Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick, Douglas U. McGregor, James William Pearson, Clive W. Warman, Frederick J. Gibbs, Conn Standish O'Grady, Herbert Drewitt, James Fitz-Morris, Harold Albert White, Alfred Edwin McKay, Harry Compton, and Arthur Bradfield Fairclough.

In 1938 it became a night-fighter squadron using the Bristol Blenheim. Following the outbreak of the Second World War, these were replaced by the Douglas Havoc and later the de Havilland Mosquito. Between 1942 and 1944 the squadron was based on Malta. It then returned to England and served as an intruder squadron, targeting German night fighters, over western Europe. 23 Sqn was disbanded, following the war's end, in September 1945.

Douglas Bader was a member of 23 Squadron when he crashed carrying out low level aerobatics, losing his legs in the process. He went on to become one of the highest scoring aces of the RAF in World War II.

The squadron was reformed on 1 September 1946 as a night fighter squadron operating the de Havilland Mosquito. It received jet aircraft in the form of de Havilland Vampire NF 10s in 1953, replacing them with Venoms in June 1954.

Wing Commander A J 'Red' Owen DFC and Bar, AFC, DFM, was 23 Squadron's commanding officer between May 1962 and October 1964. He was one of the RAFs most successful night fighter pilots during World War II, credited with destroying at least 15 enemy aircraft.

In 1957 the squadron converted to the Gloster Javelin all-weather fighter, beginning a long period operating in the air defence role. The squadron has a strong heritage in the air defence role, operating Gloster Javelins, Lightnings, Phantoms and Tornado F3s. The squadron first acquired Phantoms on 1 November 1975 at RAF Coningsby before moving to RAF Wattisham for just under 10 years. Then in October 1983 the squadron deployed to Stanley airfield, Falkland Islands after their recapture from Argentina, arriving there on 1 November. They remained here until 31 October 1988 when its duty was assumed by 1435 Flt. The squadron then reformed on 1 November 1988 at RAF Leeming with the Panavia Tornado which it operated until 26 February 1994, when the unit was disbanded.

The squadron assumed the AEW role upon reformation in April 1996, sharing the RAF's Sentry AEW1 with No. 8 Squadron. The squadron disbanded on 2 October 2009, amalgamating with No 8 Squadron.


Something along the lines of this, maybe a little shorter will be good for IL-2 squads.


Note: We know it's tougher to find histories of Soviet squadrons, but please try. It will make the Career a little more interesting if we can include decent squad histories.


Please put your contributions in the thread below.


Jason, Han and Sneaksie

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Jason - only in Russian. I'll send it to BlackSix. Ask him via Sqipe.

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