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Jade_Monkey's Single Player (SP) missions

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#81 DD_Arthur

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Posted Yesterday, 02:03

I fly with no icons so the LW turned up once in my first five attempts.   Enabled waypoint icons and got this;






The start - with the scramble - is quite thrilling.  Would it be possible to start the mission slightly earlier - perhaps when the first flights engines are just about to start?  It would give more of a chance to take it all in :salute:   

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#82 keeno

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Posted Yesterday, 16:52

Hey JM,


you are not wasting our time, even the mission as it is is still fun, great Battle of Britain style take off, staying in formation with no icons/full real is good and when you don't know the LW are not coming it's still ok searching until the fuel gets low and then it's RTB to practice landing........... still cool! 



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#83 Jade_Monkey

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Posted Yesterday, 22:57

Ok, I updated the Spitfire mission, and the last two Dropbox links just in case:


Download here



  • The enemy planes will show up regardless of whether you use the waypoints or play with no icons and choose your own route.
  • Added another flight of 3xJu88, the performance seems to be good.
  • The mission starts a bit earlier when all Spitfires have their engines off.
  • Added some cosmetic objects to the takeoff airfield: Fuel storage, more trucks moving, takeoff flare, landing fires.
  • Populated the airfield near the target (as in DD_Arthur's video). You can use it for emergency landings (mission complete will trigger), and the friendly AI will try to land there too if they are damaged.
  • Randomized the attack vector of the incoming bombers so they can come from two different directions. Each time you play the mission they might come from one of the two possible directions.

Edited by Jade_Monkey, Yesterday, 22:57.

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#84 Trooper117

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Posted Today, 09:42


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#85 keeno

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Posted Today, 11:06

Brilliant JM,


Can't wait to try it out.



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