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Tactical Air War Contest - 4xBattle of Kuban to win

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Hi pilots,

If you are not familiar with Tactical Air War server and the latest update then you have to know that today 02.10.2016 starts TAW server with precious awards: 4 x Battle of Kuban Premium Edition.


Register an account on http://www.taw.stg2.de and join the server Tactical Air War. Please read the rules and info on the web site. Manual will be updated soon and put on the website as well. 


For more info about contest please read: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21029-tactical-air-war/?p=395814


Good luck and see you on TAW sky!

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I understand that if we currently have Battle of Kuban we are not eligible to participate; however, I have several squadron members that do not have Kuban and can't afford the Pre-order. Would it be possible to be Eligible to give as a gift to another squadron member if we were to qualify for the reward?

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