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On 3/26/2020 at 9:31 AM, Riksen said:


Also, @KW_1979 and @SCG_Gustav_Hagel


This is another important point:

"While spark plug fouling was eliminated, PEP was found to have an undesirable effect on valve seats. As a result of excessive maintenance required on the V-1650 engines, General Doolittle of the Eighth Air Force decided in late March 1945 to revert to the normal 100/150 (1 T) grade fuel." (http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/atsce-28march45.pdf)

That we should consider and it would make things very interesting in the late stages of the campaign.


Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner - I'd meant to and it just slipped my mind.  Both the fuels they are talking about in the memo are both what we consider "150 octane" in the game and allowed the higher boost settings.  100/150 refers to a fuel with a lean mixture knock index of 100 and rich mixture knock index of 150.  The standard fuel prior to this for both the RAF and USAAF in England was 100/130, which for whatever reason was referred to as "100 octane" generally.  There were slight differences in the additives of the two versions of 150 which resulted in some varying maintenance headaches.  The original 150 octane fuel (the same stuff the British used exclusively) caused problems with spark plug fouling, particularly when being run at low power settings or at idle - pilots could "clear the plugs" with bursts of power, and they had to be replaced regularly, which was a headache for maintenance personnel.  The "PEP" fuel was formulated slightly differently and eliminated the plug fouling problems, but ultimately introduced a much larger problem as it was wearing out valve seats and ultimately resulting in engines that needed valve adjustments every few missions - way more work then just swapping out spark plugs.  And so ultimately the 8th AF reverted back to the earlier formulation of 150 octane.


It might be worthwhile to start a whole new thread just focused on compiling the who/where/when for Bodenplatte aircraft.

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