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KG 13 from KBTT. Another one look on the replica.


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Hello everyone!

I'm new here, and I would start out right asking whether someone had a Baur KG 13 joystick or another off bf-109 to sell in good condition, if so please send me a PM.


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Greetings to everyone!


I'm working on a project of dunlop spade grip AH2040 used on Hurricanes and I have some problem with getting the original British Air Ministry button 5D/534.


This is my AH2040 that I got from Flying_Colander in this topic. The parking hook for the brake is not installed yet.



This is the original AH2040 with 5D/534 button.



5D/534 button



I know it can be bought on eBay, but the main problem is shipment to Russia. So, I have a proposal for those who is making a KG13/12 project. I can offer some soviet buttons 205k and 204k for an exchange for 5D/534 button. German buttons used in KG grips where prototypes for the soviet ones, so they are replaceable. The only difference is the push plate.



Those who are willing to make a exchange please e-mail me at capitanblood@rambler.ru. I have some new ones and some used but they also work just fine, also have several buttons which fits all the dimensions but have smooth push plate. I offer any four used ones or two new for one 5D/534. Also have some other soviet buttons of other types.

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