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Which side do you play in BoS - Multiplayer

Which side you play in Bos  

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  1. 1. Which side do you play in BoS - Multiplayer

    • Any
    • VVS
    • Luftwaffe

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Pretty sure it's more of a "what side will you be flying" question... unless he's including older sims too.


Like a lot of others, I love the variety & enjoy flying for either side, however on open servers I (most of our squad too) practically always go to the outnumbered side for balance... and for the fun of a good challenge.

That said, and based on past history and the results of this poll so far, I'm sure most of my Luftwaffe flying will be limited to offline... at least until private servers and/or [one day perhaps] some kind of coop functionality comes along.


За Родина!   :biggrin:

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