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Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

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4 hours ago, 1.JaVA_Biggles said:

Hi  guys,

If you wonder:

"Where the hell was Biggles"

I was in the middle of a very large group of Stuka`s!

I was a bit surprised too, they looked like Bees!

Surrounding me!


From the ground it must have looked like an AIRSHOW!


Nice flying!

THX all of all the hours of fun in FNBN!

And Cheers for Tip!




Well, it was one of the nicest Stuka Kills I got so far. I told everyone the Stuka is a great Fighter and got to prove it. 

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31 minutes ago, 6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann said:


Well, it was one of the nicest Stuka Kills I got so far. I told everyone the Stuka is a great Fighter and got to prove it. 



A real killer bee😊

my Yak took A lot of punishment!

a pity I was alone!


nice performance 👏




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6 hours ago, 216th_SilentEskimo said:

Untill somebody comes up with something better,a little impression of my view :


Well ya'll said you wanted something different for this last one. Double/Triple vision. :) Dropped a link to deactivate the C-trig for the ship routine. Sorry about that gents. Did create a target rich environment for ya's though.


Some shots of the first sortie for the He-111 crewe. Target  for Today: The Large Factory Complex at Leninsk.

Although there was a lone Yak shadowing us. Strong escort on the ingress negated any air to air...


Hits on Target...


Past the Volga on egress with a couple Heinkels trailing due to flak damage the Boogiemen show up...



Some gotta Win... Some gotta Lose... Tailend Charlie got the Blues...




Excellent Action out there Folks...

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So what happened to the 216th?

Along with our trusty escorts Lucas and Alexmarine we took six Il-2s. Nocke, SilentEskimo, Cathaoir, Pod, 1.JaVa Jumper and myself to attack the Beketovka docks. Wiped out a flotilla of small torpedo boats and sunk a 7000-tonner but lost half the flight due to flak.

2nd sortie went to Barrikady and disposed of the tank columns there for a couple of losses - JG5 Schuck got amongst us at one point.

3rd sortie - now this was even more  interesting! Back to a point on the Volga north of Beketovka to dispose of an S-boat patrol; here's Nocke doing just that:




then down the river to bomb the warehouses. However, as we approached, another swarm of little E-boats rushed out to greet us!




They were a new German secret type - triple-hulled oscillating boats!




Not only triple-hulled but triple-armed; there are six AAA guns on this 'boat'! Quite a lot of flak!




Nevertheless we began to take them out... I spotted this one trying to escape into the woods :blink:




Between Eskimo and myself we finished off the truants, which rolled over and sank into the marsh.




Eventually the multiple AAA was too much and we lost all aircraft except one, but we did get a lot of ship kills!


Great fun Tip, thankyou to yourself and DBS for putting this event on for us - hopefully you will be able to do some more later on. Friday's won't be the same now.

Cheers. :salute:

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Okay, here´s what happened to 110´s. Last FNBF, my first AAR :)

Bf-110´s were assigned to attack tank column near Ezovka, north of Stalingrad. I joined forces with SCG_CorZero and and SCG_happy_meal.



After we got confirmation from the G-14's that the sky was clear of enemy, we began pouring hell on 1st Guards. Racked up decent amount of ground kills. But our work was all but finished.



For second sortie we decided to concentrate on remaining tanks that were lurking under the canvases. Our tools of the trade were Hs-129 and two 110 G-2's. Enroute to target we ran into a group of A20's doing something we thought they shouldn´t.



The decision was easy: we jettisoned our ordnances and attacked the bombers.



The flight of G-14´s, our guardians above, joined willingly the fight. All (but one?) unescorted bombers were destroyed.


We continued our original plan, but unfortunately we've lost the Hs-129. The 110 G-2´s strafing runs were successful, but as it so often goes, we over extended our invitation, and got jumped by a La-5 and a Yak. After an intense, yet desperate fight, the G2's were lost. Two of our pilots were KIA, one walked back to the base after bailing out.



In my opinion FNBF got a worthy finale. Very immersive, action packed and intense event as usual, enjoyed it immensely. Thank you Tip for your hard work and everybody else who´s participated. It´s been great to be able to take part of this! :salute:


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Comrades! It is one of the best traditions of the Great Red Air Fleet to defeat the Blue and foster the fine arts. We were able to win the famous Alexander Iwanowitsch Laktionow to paint night and day. So now we're able to present the great patriotic cycle "Stalingrad, Steppe, Peschka". I dare to say some of these remarkable pieces of Soviet realism once will be a seen in any school book!



Westward over the river Volga - against then enemy!



The river Don - further on!



The might comes down on them!



Teeth of the enemy



Comrade, will you make it home?



Keep your distance when we become angry



Volga, Steppe, Stalingrad - he made it!



Home sweet home - proud Peschkas

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15 hours ago, Pericles said:

Can someone explain what the status of FNBF is? I can't find any detailed info in this thread. 


Is Tip going to return to weekly missions, maybe on a different day? 


FNBF on hold at the moment Pericles.  Busy with biz...


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On 8/10/2018 at 3:36 PM, [DBS]Tx_Tip said:

Time to try out some of the new BoBP aircraft and perhaps tanks. August 17th @ 19:00 UTC:

FNBF Mission "Chaos" signups, planeset etc... to be this Sunday.

See ya's,


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh yeah baby! Looking forward to it! :)

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Friday Night Bomber Flights August 17th @ 19:00 UTC: Chaos!"

Mission Time: 10:03-12:45
Conditions: 25*c... Partly Cloudy. Winds from the North.
Coordinated attacks by 216th SAD continue to pound Axis supply lines, depots and factories while KG27 and II.St.G.1 strike back as the 14th Pzd advance on Stalingrad continues.
***Please note Time Change to 19:00 UTC. 

**Patrol areas will be shown on Map. Additional targeting if needed to be sent via PM following Player Recon. Full FNBF ROE will apply.
*UK_1 Server Settings for Friday Night Bomber Flights will be Full CEM, No Icon, No Navigational aides.

*TS will be the Official BoS server ( password bos2014; in one of the MP Channels.
*Note IP Change to BoS TS.
=Backup TS Address will be: ts3.riseofflight.net:7777 - Password: 1917


 He-111H-16/1 Ju-52 slot included (4) *2 Taken 1STB

 Fw190A-8 (6) *All Taken

 BF-109G-14 (4) *All Taken

 BF-109G-6 (6) *All Taken



 IL2-42/43 (5) *All Taken 1STB

 Pe-2 s.87/A-20B (5) *All Taken 1STB

 Spitfire MkIXe (4) *3 Taken

 La-5FN (2) *All Taken
 Yak1-B (6) *3 Taken

*Planeset may be subject to slight adjustment as I create mission. Additional Ju-52, Kv-1 and Tiger I sorties dependent upon mission flow will be included.
Signup Here...
Full Signup, Roster sheet visit our Battle-fields site Here...

Look forward to flying with you.

Edited by [DBS]Tx_Tip
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2 hours ago, SCG_DR1FT3R said:

4 g14's for SCG please!


2 hours ago, 216th_Cathaoir said:

Welcome back Tip :)  Not sure who all can make it but can I have 4 IL2's for the 216th......thanks


Have 4 216th IL2s down

1 hour ago, 307_Tomcat said:

2x La-5FN for 307th please 🙂


2 hours ago, DeDaas said:

Welcome back Tip!! Can I have a PE-2/A20?

Good to Go...

2 hours ago, WWGriphos said:

I’ll take the remaining IL-2, if possible. Time to switch things up and get to know the allied planes a bit better. 


2 hours ago, 216th_Cat said:

I'm definitely in for one of the 216th's Il-2s. Good to have you on board Griphos.

Thanks Tip!


2 hours ago, 216th_SilentEskimo said:

I am also in for 216th Il2's

and in...

2 hours ago, LuseKofte said:

JU 52 as reserve, I am not sure I am in the same spot as my rig next Friday

Nil grabbed the 52 off the bat. Have you down as reserve.

1 hour ago, 216th_Lucas_From_Hell said:

One Yak-1b please, Tip. This is like FNBF Christmas!

Yak it is...

27 minutes ago, Pericles said:

I'll take a Spitfire, thanks. 


9 minutes ago, Jizzo said:

2x 190 A8, please. :)

A8 for Jizzo...

2 minutes ago, SCG_Riksen said:

4 G-14s please


Oh nevermind. I see that Drifter already requested them ... Good to have you back Tip :)

See you it plays out. There may be more G-14s available...

1 minute ago, Nocke said:

If there would be an IL2 left over, I'd take it. Otherwise, a Yak 1b. Thx!

I'll put you in a Yak1-B. Lets see how it fleshes out...

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