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6 Months later and I still can't log in (Steam)

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Hi, months ago when the patch with mouse control and tanks was released I began to experience this aggravating issue to where I haven't been able to log in. I get a two part message; #1: No connection with authorization server. #2: Your connection to Master-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection.


I was given a list by support and did all of the following (bolded)


Before authorizing:
- check the settings of the Security (antivirus, firewall, UAC ...) Make sure that they are not blocking the exchange of data with the server
- make sure that the update is successfully completed
- make sure you have Administrator privileges for your Windows account

- make all the game ports in the exceptions your router and security tools
Authorization requires ports 80 and 443.
Multiplayer mode uses TCP – 28000, UDP – 28000,
Downloader Port (TCP) – 28100.
- try to use direct cable connection to PC
- perhaps it makes sense to update the router firmware


I've even gone as far as getting a new router and service. I've let two friends log into the account and they were able to log in.

On Steam, I can't find where to check what version the game is on. I've reinstalled this game at-least 15 times over the course of the year. I've got 135 hours logged so clearly I really liked the game. Is there anyone out there experiencing this issue?

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