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[Release] Sturmovik Server Control

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~S~ Coconuts


 Back in the Day, My Squadron "JG1", and others used participate in "Dead is dead, Full switch" competitions.

IE (Killed= your out for the night, full switch - no icons but a logical world towards territory capture)

GhostSkies was the primary one. Your "Campaign" is so close to these competitions in another game, as one could hope for.

 In the old day competitions, "intel" was gathered "live",  through logic, and AAR's. Hence my questions before.

One of the things that these competitions were base on was... No honor system rules...IE the "system" control's the world rules.

If you can see where Im going. (or a least Im trying too lol) Your campaign is so close.


  A Few things, Im hoping /working on...(dead is dead, SDS time out, no problem)

"Full switch", IE "intel", limited artificial intel (icons)

"Mission take off time after launch" IE "taxi time" Adding a message across the screen would be good enough (working on it)

"Captured" = dead is dead


Coconuts how can I ask? If you would "output" "capture...I would be truly grateful!!


Moxy (II./JG1_Schulte)


























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