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Ciao a Tutti da Cipson di ITALIANWING


Come molti sanno abbiamo organizzato sul Server BOS  di Wings of Italy, in collaborazione con il grande Gagarin (Wings of Liberty), creatore delle missioni, un paio di interessanti Tournaments, che stanno riscuotendo un notevole successo.

Si tratta di due Sfide in modalità Cooperativa, ad invito per Teams organizzati


LA SFIDA ITALIANA ai fortissimi Piloti russi della 72AG ed Alleati



LA SFIDA FRANCESE al Team Italiano (THE ITALIANS) da parte delle migliori SQUADRE FRANCESI



Mi sembrava doveroso informare il resto dei Piloti Italiani, che non conoscono ancora le iniziative ed invitarli a raggiungere il Fantastico



a better Simulative environment.




salute.png   "The Italians", are coming!


TS Italian Wing - Italian Virtual Flight Community

TS Address:itaseow.servegame.com

Ask for Password









Di seguito un esempio di Evento:





"WINGS OF ITALY" - 5 ° Mission of "BOS_ THE ITALIAN CHALLENGE" Tournament



Next Monday 15 Feb 2016  -  h 20.30 CET (22.30 Moscow) - 22.45 CET (00.45 Moscow)

We will fly  the 5








The Statistics Sistem is in line and  interely dedicated  to the  2 hours of Mission only.


The STATS address is the following


RED SIDE: 42 Russian Side Seats are Reserved to 72AG and its Allied
BLU SIDE: 42 Axis Side Seats. Axis Side foresees a certain Seat numbers for a "Foreigner Legion" which can guess Non Italian Pilots which want to partecipate to The Tournament.
Pilots can post their Request hereinafter or post a message to Me (ITA_Cipson).
RULES Rev 3 (16 January 2016) (In Blue, changing)
Main Rules are the following, just quoted:
1) As you know, who concludes missions (Destroy designated Targets) first, wins the Battle.
2) In case of no Tasks conclusion, before 2 hours, the Winner will be who will have accumulated  the major number of points, as calculated by the Statistic System
3) The Statistic System is prepared by =FB=Vaal and =FB=Isay, which we thanks for the Great Job.  At the moment we don't have possibility to modify it, therefore will be applied integrally.
4) A Fair and Gallantry behavior is request to all Pilots becouse everybody has to remember that Pilots are before Gentlemen and after Officers. This aspect will be MANDATORY....
5) Duration of  The Tournament will be actually 8 Mission, but it could be extended to 12 if we will conclude the preparation of further 4 Mission, being the Parts in agremeent.
6) Wins the Tournament the Part who wins more Battles, reaching the Target Mission or with Points collection, in case Target will be missed for time expiration (2 hours (tollerance some minutes for tech reasons)).
7) Boarding Time: From Now It's foresee a "Boarding Time" to allow Pilots a correct Server  connection and Boarding. Moreover this Time will be necessary to Server to "STABILIZE"  after the concitated Connection Phase.
During The Boarding Time Aircraft Engines must be OFF. (Don't worry for MAX IDLE Time set to 1 Hour.)
8) Starting of Mission at "GO" Signal, will be communicated "on voice" by Me as "Mission Admin" to my Interface "Red Coordinator" Martefi, immediately after the Com, Pilots can Start Engines and perform their missions.
9) Starting of Missions will be   Every Monday at 20.30 CET (22.30 Moscow)    and   will end at 22.45 CET (00.45 Moscow) .
10) Official Mission TEAM SPEAK  (Just prepared also with Russian Channels), will be the ITAWING TS :itaseow.servegame.com - Ask for Password (Coordinators have it).
11) The STATS address is the following
12) At the moment, no limitation are foresee on Pilots comportment, based on the fact we consider all Present Pilots "Officers and Gentlemen" just adepted to a A Fair and Gallantry Behavior .
To This matter The WOI Organization points out the fact that, action as "Shooting to Parachuted Helpless Pilots" will be consider an ACTS OF DISHONOUR, (contrary in Real Life to "Geneve Convention for War Conduct") subjet also to Team Penality or Pilot Banning, in case of repeat.
In case of misconduct, the "Mission Admin" (Myself) in collaboration with the "Red Coordinator" (Martefi) will take, in agreement, the necessary Rules correction.
13) Aircraft will be limited, therefore Pilots have to take care of them, to avoid to damage their Team.
14) 3 Min of Respawn Delay will be applied to Pilots in case of Death, or Emergency landing or Parachuting in enemy territory, for simulating (a bit) the necessary Rescue time...
15) Respawn delay for Safety Landing will be 1 min
16) Changing Front Side Not allowed. [Caution!! The penalty for changing front is the entire mission]
17) Any other necessary Rule or Question, proposed by everybody, will be discussed and accepted after a consulting between  the "Mission Admin" (Myself) and the "Red Coordinator" (Martefi) which will be at all effects "the Unpair" of the Match.
Any Other istruction will follow on this Room, considered from this moment the Official Room for the Tournament: http://forum.il2stur...nge-tournament/
MONDAY Evening at 20.00 CET  (22.00 Moscow)  will be held a PRE MISSION "FIELD BRIEFING" ON ITALIAN WING TS :itaseow.servegame.com - Ask for Password (Coordinators have it)
WOI Admins remember that VIDEO TRACKS are not admitted (Only Admins and Coordinators...) due to SERVER OVERLOADING.
On the other side, NO PROBLEMS for Stream Recordering, like FRAPS etc.

WOI Admins invite all Pilots to avoid Multiple Accesses (in/out.. in/out..) due to SERVER OVERLOADING during these Phases.



COMMUNICATION N°5 (06 Feb 2016)


In order to avoid "Star War style combats ",  we reached a Gentlemen Agreement to restrict extremely heavy weapons.



Axis: 2400kg and 1800kg and 1000kg Bombs will be out of ordinance for all Jabos.
(2400kg and 1800kg Bombs will be out of ordinance for He-111).

Allied: 23 mm and 37 mm will be Out of Ordinance for Light Fighters (No restriction for IL-2)

For the moment, these restrictions will remain accessible to Players, which have to avoid to use "On the Honour"...

Thanks to help us in rendering the WINGSofITALY COMBAT WORLD a better Simulative environment.






BRIEFING: Mission "ORDER 227"

Date: 28.07.1942
Time: 12:15   
Weather conditions: Clouds small. Wind at the surface 2 m/s  -  206°.       

Situation: From the Soviet Intelligence.
On July 28, 1942, the Commissar of the People Defense, Stalin turned to the Red Army the Order number 227, which called for strengthening the resistance and for doing everything possible to stop the advance of the enemy.
The most stringent measures would be taken for those who showed cowardice and vileness in battle.
The Order outlined concrete measures to boost the morale and discipline in the Armed Forces.
"It 's time to stop the retreat", has been noted in the Order:  "Not one step back!" 

Conditions for victories: Destroy any Targets     

Objectives for the Allied team :
1. Artillery positions in the square 522.2 (destruction of all art. Plants necessarily!)   
2. Railway bridge in the square 449.3 (for the destruction is necessary to bring down the spans over the river)   
3. Railway station in the square 450.9 (subject to destruction, like a railway station itself. Composition and the adjacent warehouses)   
4. Tank column on the march in the square 307. Search and Destroy!   
5. Military warehouse in the square 304.6   
6. A fuel depot in the square 591.5     

Tasks of the Axis Command :
1. Ferries in squares 559; 560; 597. It is enough to destroy any three of the four.   
2. Transport column in the square 523.9   
3. Railway station and train. part of the square 415.9   
4. Best airport in the square 343.2   
5. Military depots in the square 273.9   
6. A fuel depot in the square 527.7    

DO NOT use abusive words, propaganda of violence, incitement of ethnic and religious hatred, as well as incitement to hostile relations to partners in the game.   Verbal warning from the game administrators for primary infringement -  Banning  for repeated violation.
DO NOT destroy friendly aircraft or ground equipment !
For the systematic violation of the rules, the offender will be restricted in their rights to visit the server; 
It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use third-party programs that are changing the make or model of aircraft (airframe, weapons and etc.) in order to gain an advantage over other Pilots.



"Thanks to Crusader and his Fantastic Russian Pilots of 72AG and Allied, for a very exciting Mission, played on the edge of secons until the very end." 36_1_55.gifCipson







The WINGS OF ITALY Organizers would express to all Pilots and Gentlemen the congratulation for their Performances and in general for Joining this Event.

The Server held its job, also if with few overload, but not dramatic,

therefore the MATCH is VALID for the Tournament!


At this point, congratulation to the BLUE TEAM which won for Targets Destruction 6 to 4 winning the 5th RUN

TOURNAMENT SCORE at 15 02 2016 ............ WINNER
______________________________________________________________________ _____________________
1° RUN.................BLUE 4 - RED 6 :......................RED

2° RUN.................BLUE 0 - RED 5 :......................RED

3° RUN.................BLUE 4 - RED 6 :......................RED

4° RUN.................BLUE 3 - RED 5 :......................RED

5° RUN.................BLUE 6 - RED 4 :......................BLUE

Hereinafter the Statistics in Details that show the Impressive Better Performances of the Russian Team , to which the Blue Team answered with a Faster Action.

The match remained well balanced until 4 to 4, and only the final Blue Push solved the Result .

Therefore to the Italian Team and its Foreign Legion, a BRAVO!!!! salute.png

We are preparing the 6th Mission, therefore appointment to Next Monday 22 February 2016 for another rousing Match of the FANTASTIC


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