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Looking forward to whatever happens, but think an update from the server-devs wouldn't hurt here.  I postulated that you are waiting on the Hurricane to come out, but thought we were going Western Front next round?  I'd happily do Eastern again to see the Hurri in.  However, know that the community is needing some uptick.  At least in North America daily prime times, there is really only significant presence on Combat Box since several other servers disabled 3d party graphics injectors and their player base got cut in half.  So we could really use another, even more immersive venue to help us continue our excitement for this awesome sim.  Thanks, and hope you can enlighten us soon.

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20 hours ago, [GCA]T1m270 said:

Any word on the situation with bombs? 


Going to be a bit of a boner kill if its the same situation with larger size bombs doing little damage again.

It's just simple bomb-biomechanics, T1.

The more bombs exercise and slim down; the fitter and more able to boom they are. Those big, fat bombs need to get to the gym and stop eating all those Luftwaffels, then they'll get ripped and hench and swole. 

Remember; if the bomb is fat it'll just go 'splat'

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Dear friends! it's time to launch a new map! enough tests!

You have the best server, this is a real duel (war)!

We are all waiting with great anticipation!

I thank you many times!

You Need to receive donations from the card, since paypal is not available in Russia! (I'm sorry) 😐

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New west TAW campaign starts on 02.08.2020 at about 10:00 UTC.


New features:

  • United States country on Rheinland map (it took a lot of time to redesign the script, database and website because USSR country was hard-coded in many places)
  • +0.2 Live for every Combat Mission (max 3 Lives on a map)
  • Defense position around the enemy city as additional target. (before only attacked city by a tank convoy had visible defense on the map, now not attacked city can have visible defense)
  • Destroyed depot is partially rebuild after 32 missions (before it was 15). So now its destruction has much longer impact.
  • Hidden troops stops reporting about enemy aircraft when one particular AA is destroyed. 
  • Drop Zones and paratroopers missions are available now (the same rules as on east front: 2 airfields and can be captured on the map)
  • A pilot can fly only on one side during the current mission (to prevent from situations when someone gets info about plans of one side from the chat and then change sides and fly as enemy)
  • techChatMessages and techChatAdvices are off. Injectors are locked. 
  • Improved captured function. Now the probability gets lower if pilot is closer the front-line and further away from the enemy units.
  • Repairing the airfield takes twice more supplies then before. (to repair airfield by 10% there must be at least 20% of supplies on it)
  • New plane set:
  • Me262 - is available 10min after mission start
  • Me262 - is available on concrete runways on Dortmund and Enchade (backup airfields, if main are captured, are Furstenau and Padreborn respectively)
  • Me262 - is available for rank Hauptmann or higher
  • Me262 - must land on the same airfield it took off from. (in other case it will be ditched)
  • P-47 version D22 and D28 is counted as one P-47 aircraft.

Fixed bugs:

  • Map #2 is winter.
  • Tanks limits are checked before generating a new map
  • Destroyed NDB (beacon on the airfield) counts in pilot stats
  • U-2VS as transport (wasn't counted before if gunner on board)



Registration is open



Good luck!


Edited by =LG=Kathon
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I also got Error 500. When I tried it a couple of hours later I received the message that the user already existed. When I logged in, i received another error 500, but on the TAW main page I show as logged and the Pilot Profile shows my information correctly. 


Seems the only issue is that the user page (the one with our stats and planes) is not available (for example: http://taw-server.de/pilot.php?name=SCG_Vieira) or has not been created. And since after register/login we are redirected to this page we all get the error 500.



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2 hours ago, 77th_Ammi said:

no mustang on map one but the tempest...sound weird

P-51 was a rare sight in tactical warfare during timeframe of the campaign, while Tempest was much more common in late '44. Out of the available types in BoBp, P-51 was the last one to appear in tactical units.
New planeset looks like an attempt to make things little more historical, while forcing players to take care of their planes, reducing overall size of the hangar. Looks like a step in the right direction, let's see how it will work in practice.

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It is a pity that there is no way to have targets such as an unexpected strike, when their side has a target on the map, and the enemy does not see it. Such a target could only hang for 1 or 2 hours .. Possibly a ground attack (against trucks or bridges) deep in enemy territory. Now all the goals that we have are like: I fly to the goal and all opponents know where to wait for me. IMHO, this problem deprives the fan of the P 47 and Hs 129, which did not often meet enemy fighters in flights with bombs

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16 hours ago, =/Hospiz/=Metalhead said:

P-51 was a rare sight in tactical warfare during timeframe of the campaign, while Tempest was much more common in late '44. Out of the available types in BoBp, P-51 was the last one to appear in tactical units.

There’s a lot here to disagree with.

The 9th Air Force (the US “tactical” Air Force in Western Europe) was the very first operator of Merlin engined Mustangs in the world.  They started receiving D models for their P-51 units in June/July of 1944.  One of their Mustang groups converted to a tactical recon org in sept but they along with the 9ths other tac recon units continued to operate P-51s (F-6Ds and Cs with the oblique camera mount) through the remainder of the war.  The other 9th AF P-51 group switched to P-47s in November 1944 and then back to P-51s in Feb 1945.  Another 9th AF P-38 group then converted to P-51s in March of 45.


The 2nd Tactical Air Force had Mustangs units (albeit Mustang IIIs) on the continent in Summer of 1944, and exchanged these for Tempests after Market-Garden at the end of September 1944.  After Market-Garden (which involved a large and intense tactical air battle) there was very little air activity due to bad weather until the Ardennes offensive in December.  I bring this up because by the start of December, the 2nd Tactical Air Force’s five Tempest squadrons had claimed all of 13 kills.  That number would grow to 48 by the end of December and 230 by the end of the war.


And that brings us to the 8th Air Force.  There was no magical force field that prevented “strategic” aircraft from interfering with “tactical” battles.  Not being based on the map wasn’t a big issue when your aircraft could easily fly from the UK to Berlin and back.  All the allied air forces were subordinate to Eisenhower’s Supreme Headquarters.  The 8th’s fighters and bombers were used extensively in the tactical role in the lead up to the invasion and throughout the Normandy campaign.  And again for Market-Garden.  And again for the battle of the Bulge.  Quoting myself here:


To illustrate this, I spent a little time digging through references looking at allied victory claims for the Market-Garden battle (Sept 17-25th) and the Battle of the Bulge (Dec 16th - Jan 14).  I've included just claims made over our map area - the exception to this is the US 9th AF.  I just don't have detailed enough info for them, just raw numbers with dates and units but no locations.   I've included all claims for the 9th, but this likely overstates their involvement, as many 9th AF fighters were deployed well south of our map area - still I don't think this impacts my totals by too much.


For the Market-Garden battle (Sept 17-25th 1944), RAF Spitfire Mk. IXs claimed 23, and RAF Mustangs 9.  9th AF P-47s claimed 8 and P-38's 3.  8th AF P-51s and P-47s (all operating out of England and using 150 octane fuel) claimed 79 and 34 respectively!  As you can see, the 8th AF (flying out of England using 150 octane fuel) was the main Allied force involved over this battle!


For the Battle of the Bulge (Dec 16th 1944 through Jan 14th 1945, which was the date that most of the Jagdwaffe was ordered to the east front and air combat dropped off significantly) the totals are:


RAF Spit IX: 131

RAF Spit XIV: 3

RAF Typhoon: 14

RAF Tempest: 53

RAF Mustang: 9


9th AF P-47: 258

9th AF P-38: 56

9th AF P-51: 17 (these were scored by Tac Recon squadrons of the 9th AF)


8th AF P-51 based on the continent (100 octane fuel): 80

8th AF P-47 based in England (150 octane fuel): 81

8th AF P-51 based in England (150 octane fuel): 319 !!!


As you can see from the numbers, P-51's using 150 octane fuel were used HEAVILY in combat in western Europe.

So we can see that in just one week of fighting over Market-Garden, 8th AF Mustangs were involved in more combat than all of the Tempests saw in their first 3 months based on the continent.  And in the roughly four weeks from the start of the Ardennes campaign, until the LW withdrew most of their fighter force and sent them East, 8th AF P-51s flying out of the UK out scored the Tempests entire war total.  And those numbers for the P-51 were just kills scored over our Rheinland map area (almost exclusively against the Luftwaffe’s “tactical” fighter units) and ignore any scored deeper in Germany etc.  And that’s just focusing on the two big “tactical” air battles of 1944 that the 8th was committed to, not to mention the encounters that sometimes occurred with returning escort formations dropping to low altitude and looking for trouble.

To argue that it’s “historical” to not include the Mustang is just nonsense.


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Strange choice of server admins for the Mustang. On the map of Stalingrad there are FW-190 and Yak-1B, but in reality they were not there. There are no Mustangs on the map of the Rhineland, but they were there...

I hope the admins will reconsider their choice and the Mustang will be

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