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Super Bowl Contest! Win a Copy of BOS Premium!

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Whomever guesses the winning team and comes closest in total points difference wins a free copy of BOS Premium.




Example of Real Score:

Broncos: 24

Panthers: 23

Example of Your Guess:

Broncos 26

Panthers 21

Total Difference: 2+2=4 points


Only 1 entry per person. Open to entire forum community. Kickoff is in 3 hours.


Enter your guess in this thread. NO EDITING. Once you make your pick that's it.


Thread will be locked at kickoff.


Ready Go!



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I need to create a tie breaker. I'll use the Over/Under which Vegas is putting at 44 points. In the even the guessed point difference is a tie I will use the Over/Under as the tie breaker. Closest to that wins in event of a tie.




If total point difference is say 4 for two entries, but the total points for their guesses were say 48 and 41 - the person whose total points was 41 wins because it was off by 3. The other guy was off by 4.



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