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Innaccurate, unrealistic, but still fun skip bombing practice w/FW190

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Greetings all,


I'm fairly new to this sim and after getting into it I'm just happy I was able to edit a track, record it with FRAPS, and then make a video.  So as a last test I wanna see if I can post it here.


Since this is just a practice session I am using unlimited ammo so I can make multiple bomb runs and yep, I also wasn't using my TrackIR.  Please don't hate me for that.  Well I had fun anyway and maybe some of you's will enjoy this. 


Needless to say I am VERY impressed with this sim!




See ya in the skies!




EDIT:  MY first post - and I wonder why my "BOS" badge isn't showing up over there on the left???? Harumph!   :)

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Thanks gents!



Very nice vid,Stoopy!I realized,when I don't find the time to blow up stuff for 2 or 3 days,I start to watch videos like yours where other guys blow up stuff and suddenly I begin to feel better..I really worry sometimes if this is really healthy!:-)


LMAO - I think the fact that you worry about it indicates a fine state of health... 

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