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Why are good videos of this sim hard to find?

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Better graphics, better physics, and better camera views than the original IL-2 yet there seem to be few good movie makers out there really using the capability.  Here's one guy that seems to know how to put things together with the right views to make it enjoyable to watch, like a clip out of a WWII movie or something...  Really enjoy this guy's style:




Great use of flyby and static camera view from inside and outside the cockpit...   And minimal use of the F2 game view or the dreaded "fishbowl" effect that looks terrible.  Great composition.  There were other guys doing this in the old days of the original IL-2 making videos that looks "commercial grade"...  Where are they now?



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Perhaps we all just a bit jaded? In the "good old days" just seeing these movies was a novelty - now there must be thousands of them out there.


There are only so many times anyone can watch a "my MP kills" video set to a piece of bad heavy metal music: except one's own MP kills videos which of course have endless appeal. ;)


To be worth watching a Sim video, IMHO, has to be have more than just good graphics, camera work or editing: the Toyota motors aspirational advertisements that you get at the cinema have all of those. It needs to tell an interesting story, or teach a lesson in a memorable way, or make people laugh: or all three!   Quite hard to do within the limitations of a CFS.


I am sure that there are people who can do this: the problem is that they are few and the casual viewer may not know who they are, so for those pointing to particular film-makers, thank you.

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I really think that there are people doing very good videos in this sim, using much the simulator options. more knowledge in other programs




Here one example, for kamerade =HH= Pauk



Not even published 3 days ago.. this is a great exemple for a good film using this simulator. 


Vade, nice videos: 




and more pilots with own channels with a nice videos








-Crimea Crab:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxpNFnmwcHMYz0YOnOwv_gQ

-Fall.System Academy:https://www.youtube.com/user/10laff


Ho my videos! some good, some regular and some bad, but I think I have one that can be considered good



My point of view is this. Many channels with very many good videos

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