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Macchi C.202 Serie VIII (WIP)

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Anyone with deep enthusiasm for the Folgore please post here regarding my current work.  Any inaccuracies that may be seen please share or any requests please post below.


Current state is of an early C.202 in Verde Mimetico 2 and Grigio Mimetico.  I am currently working on colors/demarcation alignment and weathering right now.  Have not begun any markings yet.











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Looks nice GRAF...are you doing the C202 Serie III Filippo? Since it's a serie III the first aid red cross should be removed from the fuselage white strip.

I'm going to give a deeper look for more feedback.

I love your artwork you are a very talented skinner ...so I'll be demanding on this skin  :cool:  ... hope you don't mind.

The main issue I can see on a first glance is the Grigio Azzurro Chiaro ...the contours should be nuanced ...I should be able to provide some pictures to prove that...

Did you rework paneline? I'd love to see a custom weathered too ...


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Just the man I hoped would chime in.  ;)


Yes, I am doing early Serie III for this skinpack.   You are correct about the GAC.  I had yet to blend them in as historically correct but look below in my pics and tell me do I need to soften them up more.


Also please be critical of anything.  I'm more concerned with my colors than anything currently.  Do these look correct or need adjusting?


Here are the first three skins.  Please be critical of anything needing adjusting; colors, weathering, panel lines, etc...


Red 2, MM.7760, of 71 a Squadriglia, 17 Gruppo, 1 Stormo C.T.







Red 3 "Paolino III", MM.7753 of 80 a Squadrigilia, 17 Gruppo, 1 Stormo C.T.





Red 8 "Filippo", MM.7757 of 80 a Squadrigilia, 17 Gruppo, 1 Stormo C.T.









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Nice work so far...

About yellow area on the nose...according with Order Sheet N0.1049 dated 22nd June 1941, it should be 60 cm wide...




IMHO it should be less wide...what do you think?




About weathering....the wing root area was very scratched...there was great works in that area 







In the picture above you can see the deatil wing root scratches and wing insigna...it was in black over Olive Dark Green....it's not the same aircraft you are painting..but .... ( looking for more pictures about your exact aircraft )

The picture above is related to the MM 7762



By the way .. a picture of Paolino's aircraft


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