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>>> Bobble and roll head movements <<<

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Like Rise of Flight IL2 BOS or BOM are missing one axis on the head movement i say missing because it remind me Microsoft CFS3 style.. and the hats switch setting dilemma.. While pitch up or down your actual virtual pilot make a slight movement due to Gforces which is nicely done but the roll is missing and destroy the realism and purpose for the 3D cockpits .. Having a missing axis in the head movement make you feel light and to stationary which make you miss the lateral forces .. By just making the head axis roll movement more pronounced it will make the FM feels better on laterals and feels that you are actually flying an heavier aircraft. The pilots head in RL is actually a very very good shock abortion system that should be taken in consideration as well. 


Ok where are the setting? I could fix this.


PS:This goes with RoF as well.

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I can never figure out why it's important for all flight sims to be exactly the same. Especially with regard to really subjective things like how much your head shakes because this is just a game effect and there's no real correct answer.


This was a really fascinating topic back in EA and the best answer was that your head shakes in real life but your vision doesn't. Your vision isn't like a GoPro camera and your mind doesn't see shaking. Just imagine if it did, you wouldn't be able to see anything while walking or jogging. So what the game does is all artificial. No head shake would seem really fake and simplistic. Too much is distracting.

Another really good point shown in an actual aerobatic video was how the passengers head shook but the pilots didn't. Because of course the pilot can anticipate their own inputs.

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One of my favorite topics.


If your mind doesn't see shaking then what's the problem with the effect? Your mind should make sense of it, cancel it out, right?


No headshake is 'simplistic', so how much is 'distracting'?


Everything you're looking at in the game environment is artificial, so why does this one feature always get labeled as subjective? 


Good, realistic, PoV movement is one of the key features this genre needs. A console game did the effect just fine.







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Yes agree .. 

 i do not care to make a sim or a game look like an other..  what I'm after is to make it look like what we feel in a real aircraft. and I do have this experience. It's a question of observation and port it to a sim with out worrying about what others do.. 

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I raced a lot in my passed and I can tell you while observing the video above.. it is very well done i like it but here .. I did race motorcycle, Formula 500 , Shifter kart 80/125/250 and flew in many. 

You get a lot of vibration mostly in Motorcycles and Shifter karts .. a lot  so much that it became like a gauge...  sometime I couldn't see the track anymore that was a limit also you must ride very very relax on a very stressful machines and places, learn how to get your body , arms and legs relax and absorb the shocks and you will get less vibrations etc.. in The MiG-15 you get some serious  bumps and feel your environement very very well same for the Yak-9 for example.. at start and throttling up you vision get vibrations due to the big V12 raving quite fantastic I may add.   :) easy to get use too.


All of this is easy to test with just regular vehicles in a everyday life.

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