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What is the benefit of buying Battle of Moscow?

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Hello all! I'm extremely sorry if this has been brought up before, but I couldn't seem to find an exact topic that answered my questions. As apparent by my little silver medal under my name, I was an early access member of the IL 2 Battle of Stalingrad game. I really like it now, but at release, there were some inherent problems that made me quit. After about nine months, I have come back, and the game seems to be better than it was at release. However, I've missed out on many changes and design notes, so I don't know exactly what has changed in my absence.


I see that IL 2 Battle of Moscow has been released for early access and has been slated for a Q1 2016 release date. Upon looking at the planes, I feel like I really want to spend the extra money to get the deluxe edition. The P 40 has always been one of my favorite aircraft, and I've always wanted to experience the MC 202 Folgore in an actual, modern World War II simulator. However, I don't know what Battle of Moscow has to offer, and I'm worried about spending $80 on something that I don't really know what it's going to be like upon release. Here's my questions:


What aircraft have been released already for Battle of Moscow early access for Battle of Stalingrad? (I assume it's the grayed out ones in Battle of Stalingrad: BF 109 E-7, I-16, MC 202, BF 110, P 40)


Are there any other aircraft scheduled to be released? If so, how are the releases being chosen: monthly, biweekly, random?


Is the campaign for Battle of Moscow going to be the same as the campaign for Battle of Stalingrad where you have to select an airport and then replay the same mission types over and over again?


Is Battle of Moscow going to be using the same engine as Battle of Stalingrad?


Is Battle of Moscow going to improve upon anything that Battle of Stalingrad has done, or is it going to, at its core, Battle of Stalingrad with different airplanes?


What maps is Battle of Moscow going to use? Will they be similar to the summer and winter maps in Battle of Stalingrad?


What's the benefit of buying the deluxe edition other than getting the P-40, the MC 202, and a gold badge on your forum profile?


If I have transferred my original key of Battle of Stalingrad to Steam, and I choose to buy Battle of Moscow, will the early access aircraft be available for me when I launch Battle of Stalingrad through steam?


Thank you in advance for your time in helping me with my questions. I'm a college student, so I want to know all of the facts before I drop a significant amount of money on the next iteration of this game. :)

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Every thing you are asking is here in the forums .

You could Do some research here but i wouldn't expect people to give you the answer weather to buy or not .

I see you have BOS already .

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