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PWCG 13.5.0 What do you mean I didn't hit him?


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10 minutes ago, PatrickAWlson said:


Short version is anything PWCG can do in GB is possible for FC as well.   It amounts to configuration.   In fact, strategic bombing came to PWCG before Great Battles was even done, precisely because those aircraft were introduced to RoF.


PWCG GB/FC is a single code base.  Where things are different, planes, medals. etc. the logic is abstracted out into WWI and WWII code.  Mission generation logic is common.  Mission parameters like range and altitude are abstracted out or handled by external configuration to differentiate the two wars.  


I have not configured any of the new squadron profiles: raider, train buster, strategic bomber, strategic interceptor, anti shipping, tank buster, etc. because those specializations were not a thing in WWI.  Ground attack flights will still target trains and tanks, but because they are in the hopper of possible targets and not specifically because a specialization was designated. 


Raider is a bit different, as it is a flight profile and not a target specialization, so adding raider as a possibility to units that do ground attack (everything NOT German Jastas :) ) is something I can do.

Fantastic, looking forward to some great war raidin in the future and thank you for the explanation and the amount of time and skills you have put into this. 

looking forward to using pwcg for some gotha bombing :)


best regards

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