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PWCG 13.3.0 Are the new cannons coming soon?


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What is PWCG


At the PWCG web site


Installation and Use Instructions


PWCG requires 64 bit Java


PWCG Videos Here


Added SPAD VII 180 HP
- Modified SPAD VII 150 HP to be removed earlier
- Modified SPAD XIII to be added a little later
Added smoke blows in mission wind direction
Added availability dates to payloads and modifications
- Payloads are selectable during mission generation only if available
- AI limited to available payloads
- Added more payload options for AI use
- Selectable modifications can be chosen during mission generation
- Modifications are stock or selectable (existing functionality)
- Stock modifications are added automatically when available
- Both AI and Human flights will receive stock modifications


Added Raider role and raid mission
Added tank buster, train buster, and anti shipping roles
Added ability to select role for mission prior to generation
Made user chosen aircraft not replaceable during AAR resupply
Added ability to remove user chosen planes from inventory
- Removed aircraft will leave a hole in the inventory until the next resupply period.
Fixed situation where airfield location could be incorrectly identified as a target
Fixed incorrect choice of front locations for dome battles

Added SPAD VII Early, Pfalz D.XII, and Airco DH4
Added German AAA Half Track
Add decimal level turbulence
Fixed Cannot add new pilot if all pilots are dead

- Will set the new pilot as the reference pilot only if the new pilot is the only human pilot

- Note,  UI will not pick up on the new pilot as the reference pilot.  Exit and reenter the campaign.
Fixed incorrect sorting of payloads and modifications for Bristol F2B

Fixed target not activating on attack missions


Added Player Pilot chalk board option to see only human pilots (alive and dead)
Added config option not to delete planes and vehicles after death
- Main Menu->Configuration->User Preferences set delete after death to 0 (zero)
- The config is global so will apply to all campaigns
Fixed Moved target final WP closer to target to ensure attack area triggering
Fixed iconic mission button not visible on smaller screens

Fixed Inadvertently killing off player pilots once they get good.

Added Ground Free Hunt mission
- Currently targets trains and trucks
- Fly to a point and search.  No guidance except follow roads or tracks.
- Ground units start moving when mission starts.  
- Will do ships and armor next as they require a different pattern
Improved out of mission victories
- Added ground and structural out of mission victories
- Added ground and structural out of initial victories
- A pilot will get a pseudo mission type based on his squadron configuration.  That mission type will determine the victory type.
Bryansk iconic event added
Rewrote newspapers such that a new paper can be added by supplying a photo and adding a bit of data
- Used to take me 30 minutes to make a paper.  Now it's less than 5.
- They look better too.
- Hoping for community contributions
Newspapers added for all iconic events
FC newspapers converted
Added news rack to view old newspapers
- campaign->activities->news
Made AAR documents prettier
- They retain their dimensions and do not stretch
- Added a folder image under the document
Added Ground Unit Spawn Distance configuration in Mission Limits
Fixed: In several places plaques were referred to as plagues.
- Don't think they were visible to players but it bugged me
Revamped promotions to require a certain number of ground kills for promotion of attack pilots.
Added first page/last page buttons to journal and squadron log
Fixed: Sometimes AAR events were not properly rolled up into the campaign
Fixed: Removed a few defunct configuration settings
Fixed: Preddy's status when killed on 12/25/1944
Fixed: Aces historically killed no longer show as transferred
Fixed: End of war newspaper now appears
Fixed: Unassigned pilot is now the on whose button was pressed and not the radio button selected
Fixed: added heal wounds button on mission page to got directly to leave page to heal.
Fixed: Error that was causing failure if your great ace pilot was killed.

Enhanced iconic missions to allow the player to crew any appropriate TC vehicle.
Extended ground unit spawn distance from 5km to 15km/8kmfor BoS/FC

Iconic missions for AAA trucks
- From PWCG main screen go to iconic missions
- Choose an AAA truck
- PWCG generates a mission in an AAA truck.
Added capability to create iconic missions for AA trucks
Reduced probability of planes prematurely jettisoning munitions
Fixed typo


Fixed front line fire and smoke

Tank and Train Busters: tanks and trains now considered separate victory categories
- Tank and train victories weigh more heavily into medals and promotions
- Tank and train victories have separate counts on the first page of the pilots journal
- Tank and train victories have their own detailed section in the pilots journal
Added columns for tank, train, and ground to chalkboard
Added summary to Squadron Log
- How many pilots lost
- How many air, tank, train, and ground victories
Expanded summary to Pilot Log
- Air and ground victories scored in aircraft type
- Number of Air and Tank victories summarized by vehicle types
Add skin configurations for Spitfire XIV
Added skin pack from 41 Squadron Riksen for Spitfire XIV
- PWCG Skin Pack 16

- Available for download on PWCG Site
Fix 41 Squadron withdrawal erroneous date for Spitfire MK XIV
Fix 66 Squadron withdrawal erroneous date for Spitfire MK XIV


Added Typhoon
Added Fokker D8
Added 41 Squadron flying Spitfire Mk XIV
Reverted 349 Squadron to Spitfire Mk IX
Changed 193 squadron to Typhoon with a focus on ground attack
Added 15 new vehicles and guns
Made battles context aware to be manned with British or American units
Fixed missing airfield structures

Added squadron level target preferences.  
- Allows squadrons to be directed towards specific target types
- Target preference for P-47 units some is trains
- Added shipping target preference to 45th Bomber regiment (A20)
Made several P-47 squadrons prefer ground attack
Moved units closer to the front on Kuban map April 1943
Made Spitfire Mk IV its own archtype to reflect complete replacement.
- Currently flown by 193 and 349 squadron.  Others keep the Mk IX
- 349 is acknowledged to be non historical.  It kept the IX.  I just wanted at least 2 units to fly the XIV.
Fixed many (should be all) instances of duplicated units
- They weren't really duplicates.  They were just positioned on top of each other.
Fixed case where battle was not being generated when it was required
Fixed case where Ai scramble missions could have a zero altitude waypoint

Improved performance of the waypoint editor screen
Improved (slightly) performance of the map screens
- Press new button edit waypoint details to edit 
Fixed error that cause incorrect intercept waypoint altitudes

Limited assignment of entities to structures in target zones (performance). 
Fixed error that could cause missions to fail to generate

PWCG 12.2.0
Make planes exit attacks more quickly
- When one or two planes goes bingo bombs the rest will jettison remaining ordnance and exit after 30 seconds.
Rewrite of strategic intercept
- Use more realistic targets.
- Multiple enemy flights based on air density config
- Enemy flights are escorted
- Improved spotter position
Included more airfield and city blocks as targets to make airfield and city attacks more likely to trigger.
Expanded structure inclusion box to encompass the flight path of all human players.
Allowed possibility to escort bombers or ground attack
Added enemy scrambles to escort missions when the escorted flight is attacking an airfield
Fixed incorrect (low) altitude of ingress waypoint on strategic intercept and transport missions
Fixed spelling of opportunity in mission briefing
FIxed missing plane codes.
Fixed Me262s could not take off from airfield (moved to different field)

PWCG 12.1.2
Got plane markings working for 354th
- Will work for other units too but they need blank skins
Fixed null pointer scenario in markings manager
Fixed error that would cause AI squadrons not to upgrade to better planes (thanks for the code review bgreman).
Fixed error: glass head rest on the 109 should not be a stock modification as doing so prevents other head rest options.

PWCG 12.1.1

Fixed packaging error that left out iconic single mission configs


PWCG 12.1.0
Iconic mission from the main screen
- Generate an iconic mission without the campaign.
- Good way to kick off one of these scenarios if you just feel like playing one
Use auto generated unit codes
- From Murleen
- Makes use of the new unit code decal feature
- Only available on the P51 for now
Added several missing modifications for WWI planes
Standard Modifications
- Makes the most common modifications standard.
- Things like a mirror in WWII or optional instruments in WWI
- Alleviates situation where there are more modifications than the screen can handle (Pfalz has 9!)
Fixed situation that would prevent airfield AAA from spawning.
Fixed incorrect ground attack payload for Spitfire Mk XIV


PWCG 12.0.0
Add iconic events
- Arnhem: 
- parachute and cargo drops 9/17/1944 - 9/28/1944
- Rhine map front line improvements to show drops
- Ardennes: 
- German attack Dec 20 to Dec 24 1944
- Bastogne cargo drops Dec 25 to Dec 28 1944
- Allied counter attack Dec 29 to Dec 30 1944
- Bodenplatte Jan 1 1945
- German airfield attacks and Allied scrambles
- Plunder Rhine crossing March 23 1945
- Varsity air drop March 24 1945
- German bombing of city 8/20/1942 to 8/25/1942
- German dive bombing of barges 9/08/1942 to 9/12/1942
- Uranus  11/11/1942 to 11/22/1942 1942
- Encirclement with cargo drops 12/01/1942 to 12/31/1942
- Anti shipping period 10/08/1943 to 10/31/1943
- Includes scenarios with opposing sides coming into contact
- Russian invasion of Kerch 11/01/1943 to 11/11/1943


Added Spitfire Mk. XIV
Added Nieuport 28

Moved start date for USAS up to April 1918.
Added runway start AI scramble missions to airfield attacks.
Fixed issue that could cause planes to spawn on top of each other
Fixed issue some places where bomber could act like a fighter

PWCG 11.11.2
Added new front lines to show progress of Arnhem
- Added newspaper entries for Arnhem

Adjusted unit placement to get some units closer to the front

Fix Sometimes player airfields do not have AAA or other units
Fix unselected player pilot could be assigned to mission


PWCG 11.11.1
Added Pilot Management Screen
<Campaign>->Personnel->Administer Pilots
- Now available to both Single Player and Coop
- Revive a lost pilot (New)
- Retire a pilot (unchanged) 
- Transfer a pilot without incurring a delay (new for SP)
Moved intro date of FW190 A6 up to August 1943
Fixed error on Drifter AA units that was causing issues with Stalingrad
Fixed campaign creation error: Luftwaffe/Attack/Dec 1 1943 


PWCG 11.11.0
Added FW190 A6
- A6 is also G3.  jabo units exclusively fly G3
Modified FW190 A8 payloads
- A8 is also F8.  jabo units exclusively fly F8
Added ammo trucks
Changes smoke to use new emitters
Fixed missing drifter AAA

PWCG 11.10.2
- Added RCAF as a service
- Added 403 Squadron
Removed large river traffic to hopefully avoid flying boats

PWCG 11.10.1
Rewrite of airfield item placement
- Fix missing AA
- Reduce number of static planes to sane number
- Reduce number of static vehicles to sane number
Fixed zero altitude waypoint on some player missions
Fixed zero altitude waypoint on some scramble opposition missions.
Fixed typo: LaaG should be LaGG
Fixed script entry for Kuban bridges
Fixed invalid small warehouse entry on Kuban map

PWCG 11.10.0
Improve flights targeting other flights
- Intercept flights now target an existing flight
    - Altitude matches and search area targets enemy flight without being exact.
- Scrambles completely rewritten
- Balloon bust flights target existing balloons and defense.
- Balloon defense flights cover existing balloon and attacking flight.
- Using an existing flight matters because it avoids extra flights
Added simple config to increase number of structures in a mission
- Fixed object not found.  Might cause issues crediting bridges.
- Fixed incorrect config label


PWCG 11.9.1
Add Structures as creditable targets
- Add structures as targets
- Include structures in payload decision
- Includes static planes and static trucks
- Does not include every object in the game.
- Add mission briefings for structures
- Change target selection to make appropriate use of structures as targets
- Make game report structure destruction
- Ability to identify and record victories on structures
Added "Next:" and "Back:" text to mission work flow buttons for clarity 
Remove high priority waypoints for some flights.
- No need anymore since flights fly in formation.
Verified AI adjustments in advanced configs work as intended - they do.
Added Lydia Lytviak (thanks Dutch2)
Changed Luftwaffe odds of victory bonus
- Limited to LW on eastern front
- Reduced bonus for non ace pilots
- Also introduces concept of differentiation by front
Added code to remove heading/trailing spaces from config entries
- Helps correct typos on user entry
Fixed ships not written to mission file
Fixed issue where rockets could be assigned to PE2 on bombing missions


PWCG 11.8.1
Small fixes
Luftwaffe promotions are slower
Fix error that could cause La5FN to be denied
Fix error where very long names were not being matched, causing claims to be denied
Fixed some part of too many missions flown


PWCG 11.8.0  weather modifications


The mission will conform to the weather.  You will get much more variety, in particular. lots more rain and snow.  Most battle areas have upwards of 25% rainy days.  


Any given weather pattern may or may not impact a given mission type.  If it is overcast and rainy most of the missions are going to be pushed to low altitude.  Dive bombing missions are particularly affected.  Dive bombing will be swapped for an attack mission where the Stuka will drop bombs much like a fighter or IL2.  Tactical bombing will be pushed lower.  Patrols will be pushed lower.  Deeper penetration missions will be scrapped in favor of lower altitude missions near the front.  


If cloud cover is not overcast or heavy then you will fly the missions as usual with whatever cloud cover there may be.


Weather related advanced configuration:

Campaign ->Configuration -> Advanced Config -> Weather

Use realistic weather: set to 1 to use weather than includes heavier weather.  Set to 0 to fly in relatively clear skies (Still has clouds but no rain)

Min Haze/Max Haze: Minimum and maximum values for haze. Proper values are 1-10.  This makes use of the new haze feature

Max Wind: Not a new config.  Maximum wind speed in meters per second

Max turbulence: Not a new config.  Proper values are 1-10.  Maximum turbulence value in the mission.



Fix the thing that I broke in 11.7.1 (which fixed the thing that I broke in 11.7.0)

- Escort and air start were fixed in 11.7.1 but virtual start got broken

Verified proper spawn and activity of player air start, escort air start, and virtual flights.

Thanks @FodderMonkey


Fixed air start

Fixed escorts for player not appearing

Added Bf109 G6 Late
Added Paper Dolls in medal view

- Thanks to @ual002 for all of the hard work in making these things.  As you can see from the posts above, a lot of effort went into this.

- Not available for Italy in WWII or FC yet.
Varied formations
- Fighters will now use V

  - Best formation for a 3 man plane flight

  - More like a finger 4 than echelon right for a 4 plane flight
- Bombers may use V or echelon

- Dive bombers and transports use echelon


Fixed flying boats on rivers
Fixed error in AAR in FC due to missing vehicle names
Corrected pilot names with spaces accidentally typed on the end

Updated Campaign Main Screen
- Consolidated several buttons into sub menus.
- See tool tip (hover over button) to see where things have gone
Added Emergency Resupply feature
- Use if your campaign is depleted and not generating oppositon
- Campaign -> Intelligence -> Emergency Resupply
- Verify resupply by looking at Campaign -> Intelligence -> Intelligence Report
Added CPU Allowance Simple Config
- Accessible from the simple config screen
- Allows you to tone down high CPU mission elements
- Low: One enemy bomber flight.  No friendly bomber flights.  No virtual escorts.
- Medium: One enemy bomber flight.  One friendly bomber flights.  COnfigured max virtual escorts for enemy flights.
- High: CPU allowances not considered.
- CPU allowance config does not affect other configs such as air, ground, and AA.  Also does not impact advanced configs.  
- Setting air, ground, AA, and CPU allowance to low gets lightest possible mission.
- Allows for more limits on high CPU mission elements as they are identified.
- If you are low CPU allowance, recommend scrubbing strategic intercepts.


Fix designation of C47 "Type"
- Could cause AAR failure to accept claim
Fix failure to write new squadrons under some conditions
- Could cause AAR to fail


- Select fighter campaign
- Fly with 157th Regiment early or 651st Regiment after August 1942
C47 (LI2)
- Added transport unit to VVS and ASAAF
Better vehicle naming
- Fewer (hopefully zero) unidentified vehicles
- Fix flying locomotives


Fixed only generating recon


Fixed issue with pathing that was causing mission generation to fail.
Continued to improve front line pathing.
Payload updates:
Emphasis on armor
- If a battle is the target area, made flights more likely to target armored targets if it is present.  Payloads are responsive to this.
Spitfire no has 150 octane fuel.
FW190 A3 now has wing guns with extra ammo
FW190 A5 fixed to include ordnance with U17 selection
FW190 A5 ground attack units now use U17 as standard equipment
Bf110 G2 now has 20mm gun pods available.   PWCG will assign this on intercept missions.
Small adjustment to P38 and P47 payloads vs armored targets


AI bombers bomb
AI flights land
Improved box placement to keep it from going off the edge of the map
Improved Patrol pattern
- fewer waypoints spaced a bit more in GB (FC remains the same, slower planes)
- Redid placement to avoid some weird patterns on mapswith funky front lines.
Added new skin assignments for FC (thanks TheDude and imanuthep)
Fixed AI adjustment not taking


Simplified virtual waypoints

No more deleting planes.  Not necessary as performance is fine.

Fixed linkage of virtual AI attack flights to attack MCU

Set virtual bombing attack flight payloads such that they are full if they spawn before the attack and empty if after


Fix disappearing planes


Restructured PWCG directories such that all user generated files are under "User" subdirectory
- Includes campaign files, coop user records, audio, and user configuration choices
- Keep this directory when installing PWCG
- PWCG will automatically move existing files to the new position on startup.  You won't lose anything.
Restructured coop records
- Fixes possible issue that could occur if one user has a pilot in two campaigns.
On Campaign coop admin, added ability to assign or change the user associated with a pilot.
- Allows correction should user and pilot become not associated.
Fixed error that could cause PWCG mission creation to fail.
Fixed error in skin name that could cause mission not to load
Fixed error where resaver would write to wrong directory
Fixed an error where PWCG would not properly read a user designated log directory

PWCG missions are now in PWCG folder in the game
Added the mission folder and mission files to the PWCG error report zip
Support for redirecting your logs to a different directory
- Open startup.cfg in the game's data directory
- Find text_log_folder
- Set the value to the directory where you want logs to go (make sure that the directory actually exists)
Fixed no spawning ground units: Added more trigger objects to ensure that ground units spawn
Fixed disappearing AI flights
Fixed rendezvous too far to the rear for air starts
Fixed bomber flights fly at low altitude - Rendezvous altitude is too low for air starts
Fixed skins not properly assigned for virtual AI flights
Fixed virtual flights will sometimes circle.


Moved rendezvous back towards base
- Improves ability to shape waypoints near front
Fixed ground attack payloads for P47 and P38 (thanks sketch)
Fixed incorrect text for RemoveNonHistoricalSquadrons config
Fixed incorrectly names InitialWaypointDistance.  Now correctly named LandingApproachWaypointDistance.


Added translucent buttons to show what can be pressed.

Almost all buttons now have a hover tool tip (tells you what the button does if you hover your mouse over it)

Changed the pilot selection screen:

- Removing a pilot reverts to selecting the assigned pilot name button, like it used to be

- Adding a pilot is still  selecting the unassigned  pilot name button, like it used to be

- Moving a pilot up or down in formation uses the mouse wheel

 - select the check box next to the pilot

 - scroll the mouse wheel to move up or down in the formation


Fixed planes disappearing after spawn (hopefully)

Fixed escort planes cannot be claimed (also hopefully)



AI flies formation

- Hopefully no more bombers flying like fighters

AI escorts are back

- And they really escort

- Numbers limited for resource usage


Huge number of skins for FC
- All thanks to @the_dudeWGand skin artists.  All of these skins were gathered and configured by the_DudeWG
- AussieBoomer, I.JG1_Baron, Taurus, Tomi_099, szeljr, =GEMINI=Hawkmoon98, A1_Phoenix, 
- CCG_Pips, E69_julian57, SYN_Skydance, HotWaffle, YoYo, Flik66_J, US93_Larner, PatCartier, J2 & J5 Squadrons
Fixed up some skin records for BoS

Lots of German skins from E69_Julian57, MarcoPegase44, SR603-Flowbee, Ouky1991, Raptorattacker, szelljr, SARFlytitus
- New skins are in skin packs 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
- Every German plane except the He111 H16 (no skins), Me 109 E7, and Ju52

Made temperature specific to each map (and fixed overly warm Moscow)
Fixed fuel allocation issue
Fixed coop AAR error that could occur due to bad log set
Fixed Italian names
Fixed erroneous plane not owned message

American and British skins
Tons of P47s and P51s by 361st_Bugsy.  More by Tom Weiss, E69_julian57 and others.
- New skins are in skin packs 8, 9, and 10
- P47s, P51, A20, Spitfires, Tempest

Russian skins.  New skins cover most, if not all, Russian planes
- Special shout out to szelljr this release because I covered all 32 pages for his skins and pulled dozens.
- Added more skins by SARFlytitus, Almenas, 352nd_Siqhter, and SR603-Flowbee, E69_Julian57, flyingfisch, CCG_Pips
- Added skins by several contributors from the Russian forum
- New skins are in skin packs 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 ... yes, there are that many
- Some P-38 skins made it in too
Changed skin algorithm to allow many more personal skins to be used

User made skins skins by SARFlytitus, Almenas, 352nd_Siqhter, and SR603-Flowbee
Skins are p47 d-22 (Quite a few), I16, LaGG 3, and Me-262.
Download and install PWCG Skin Pack 2 from the PWCG web site
- Download into your root game folder and unzip.  The folder tree starts with "data"

Incorporated skins available in game

Increased use of winter skins

Fixed issue that could cause missions not to generate


Adjusted replacement rate to fix depletion on Bodenplatte
Fixed coop transfer and retire pilot
Fixed overwrite on leave with multiple pilots


P47 D-22
- Added P47 D-22
- P47 D-22 is available alongside P47 D-28
- Puts the P47 D-22 into existing campaigns.
Changed P47 D-28 payloads to match changes in game
- 150 octane fuel for  P47 D-28
- Now only has "P47 ground attack" payload
Added cruise speed to as editable parameter
Added altitude and cruise speed to waypoint information popup
Set AA units (not truck/train/ship mounted) enabled = 0 to prevent flight from attacking


Major overhaul of briefing process

Separated map from waypoint edits

- More real estate for the map 

- Improved performance

Added waypoint information on map waypoint

- Mouse 1 to move waypoint

- Mouse 2 to add or delete waypoints

- Mouse 3 to show waypoint nformation

Added ability to sort pilots in any order
- Use radio button to select assigned pilots
- Use move up/down unassign buttons on left to act on selected pilots
- Add unassigned pilots by clicking on them (no change)
- Newly assigned pilots will be placed at the bottom of the flight (changed)
Added config to exclude historical anomalies from some aspects of campaign
- Italian squadron
- FW190 at Stalingrad
- Excluded as AI flights
- Excluded from providing escort
- New feature is disabled by default
- Advanced Configuration -> User Preferences -> set exclude anomalies to 1
Fixed altitude changes not persisting to mission
Fixed Medal Award Document
Fixed add waypoint does not work
Fixed delete waypoint does not work


Fixed: Ground units deleted
Fixed: Restored days needed to recover on leave screen
Fixed: Error on transfer


Major UI revision

Fixed log cutoff for coops - need feedback

Fixed infinite loop if you try to take leave past the end of the war.


Added female pilots (USSR only)
Adjusted fuel load by aircraft prior to briefing
Adjust maximum font size based on monitor size
Fixed AAR issue that occurred when a log damage record was not attributed to a in game entity
Fixed incorrect plane type in skin assignments
Fixed issue that prevented night mission generation

Significant improvements to resupply to produce long term results int he campaign
- Fixes excessive depletion in campaigns
Adjusted font sizes
- Fixes font size too large causing buttons no to display
Fixed odd case where missions do not generate because a squadron is too close to the front
Fixed bad pilot picture that caused issues with American campaigns
Fixed incorrect place name
Fixed issue that could start American and British AI pilots with no victories in Sept 1944.
Fixed issue that would cause low altitude CAP missions to have a zero altitude waypoint.
Fixed issue where "Unknown was killed in action" was displayed for out of mission victories
Fixed issue where generic target description was displayed


PWCG is now ground activity centric.  
- Ground activity created first.
- Air activity closely associated with ground activity.
- AI units have real targets
- Better control of number of units
- More realistic feel to missions
Added Yak 9 and Yak 9T
Improved Low Alt CAP
- Actually CAP ground troops
- Placement is over battle
Changed "Go Away" to apply only to airfields away from front lines
Reduced font size for modification selection to fit more in.
Fixed AAR issue in July 1942
Fixed AAR error where a plane would not be found
Fixed AAR error where victories were not recorded if no plane exit record was found
Fixed East Front 1944/Stalingrad confusion
Fixed tab label for "Notification of Victory"


Changed to AA
- Separate configuration for AA
- AA guns guarding approach
- More AA guns on the field (Murleen)
- AA guns in emplacements (Murleen)
- Enemy fighter aircraft will usually turn away from an enemy airbase
- Made use of some stock P40, A30, and FW190 A3 skins
Fixed issue where logs got cut off in many coop missions
Fixed bug that might stop a train from showing
Fixed truck convoy pathing such that they stay on roads

PWCG 8.8.0
Consolidated coop mode
- No more split modes with different capabilities
- Can now do anything in one mode
- Improved briefing to allow complete switching between player flights
- Updated AAR to allow either with or without claims for coop
Added out of mission victory tab to AAR
Now allowed to reduce fuel to 40%
Set fuel in air starts by aircraft type
Spread time between missions for historical activity/inactivity
Reduced weight in bombers/ground attack to use lighter loads
- Fixed pilots in mission missing from AAR
- Fixed duplicate planes lost report in AAR
- Fixed no artillery when simple ground config is high
- Fixed missions flown doubling
- Fixed issue that could cause flight not to generate if no opposition found for Ai slight
- Changed P40 skin config to not use other than winter


PWCG 8.7.3
Added overlay indicators for battles in a PWCG mission.
Historical flow of battle decides who will attack and who will defend in PWCG battles 
Improve map load strategy for performance
Fixed code to reduce occurrences of unknown object
FIxed Bristol and Halberstadt bomb loads
Fixed issue that could cause campaign data entry screen to cut off
Fixed confusing error if resaver is not available.
Reviewed complaint about 94th Aero campaign.  Could not reproduce.

PWCG 8.7.2
Added capability for themed desktops
- Russia Theme (Riksen)
- RAF Theme (Riksen)
- Luftwaffe theme (Me from Riksen)
- PWCG will automatically use the correct theme by armed service
- Capability for more.
Fixed error that prevented FC missions from generating properly
- verified that bomb payload on Bristol works properly

PWCG 8.7.1
Improved AAR
- Added detailed/not detailed selection (Maximum Information check box on debrief map)
- Detailed is everything that happened
- Not detailed limits events to things destroyed by an airplane
- Can press "Start Debrief" repeatedly if you want to
- Improved map centering
Ground structure victories addes (Murleen)
Plane gunners are credited with kills in debrief (Murleen)

Added aces
Dieter Hrabak
Erich Hartmann
Gerhard Barkhorn
Gunther Rall
Heinrich Bar
Heinz Sachsenberg
Hermann Graf (fixed)

Dmitry Glinka
Grigory Rechkalov
Ivan Kozhedub
Kirill Yevstigneyev
Nikolai Gulayev

Francis Gabreski
George Preddy
Johnnie Johnson

- Fixed a couple of minor display issues.

- Fixed payload issues on Bristol and Halberstadt
- Changed/fixed some squaron entries (Murleen)
- Fixed issue that would cause a Ju52 claim to be denied (Murleen)

PWCG 8.7.0
Eastern Front 1945
- Uses Bodenplatte map
- Movement follows Soviet gains as map allows
- Lets Eastern Front continue through the end of the war
Added aces Hartmann, Barkhorn, Hrabak
Fixed issue with air start too high
Fixed issue with replacement of aircraft types still in service but no longer in production
Fixed issue with adding pilot for FC


PWCG 8.6.0
Add ability to view and modify player flights on the same side
- Change waypoints for all friendly player flights
- Change fuel for all friendly player flights
- Change pilots/equipment for all friendly player flights
Add ability to view friendly Ai flights on briefing map
Improved mission location to shorten flights
Fixed issue in coop flights where subsequent flights could be assigned an incorrect flight type


PWCG 8.5.0
Added East Front 1944 Map
- Uses Stalingrad map
- Movement follows Soviet gains as map allows
- Lets Eastern Front continue through 1944
From Murleen:
- Binary list file generated properly
- US/British call signs added
- Flight Officer and Warrant Officer ranks added for USAAF/RAF respectively
Correct situation where services can be cut off in campaign creation
Fixed failure to open skin management screen
Correct situation where PWCG may get stuck generating missions for a secondary pilot
Loosened naming tolerances for campaigns to allow numbers - be careful, the game might not like it
Do not log pilot badges to squadron logs
Added blank line for default coop user to avoid confusion - user must select or type in coop user

PWCG 8.4.1
Improved use of call signs (Murleen)
Fixed: Error presenting all services for campaign creation
Fixed: AAR error in mapping bots, turrets, and planes
Fixed: AAR error where a vehicle id can be reused causing misidentification (Murleen)


PWCG 8.4.0
Changed coop to eliminate host concept
Added ability topay as multiple pilots in a single player campaign
Several improvements from Murleen around displays in the in game map
Fixed: AAR error caused by addition of French units (second issue)
Fixed: Issue involving attempt to restock planes no longer in production

PWCG 8.3.0
Added strategic bombing intercepts
- High altitude intercepts of larger formations
- All other flights disabled in these missions
- Not coop yet as there are concerns about how this plays nicely with other human missions
- Mostly German western front but also eastern front
- Me262 careers are now more sensible
Fixed: Accidental removal of Me109 E7
Fixed: AAR error caused by addition of French units
- Several different AAR failures reported but so far they all map to this error.
Investigated: AAR error for flight seemingly abruptly ended before anything spawns.  PWCG did what it could.

Note: bombers are flying high priority and therefore will not shoot back.  Bad thing acknowledged.  No good solution yet.


PWCG 8.2.0
Extended war in the east to the end of the war
- Currently just a static front on Western Stalingrad map
- Separated western front from eastern front units.
    - This will cause a small glitch for German Bodenplatte campaigns - you will find yourself on the eastern front.  Just  transfer back.
Added Free French and Normandie Niemen
- Free French is No 326 squadron flying Spitfires for the RAF
- Normandie Niemen flies Yaks for the VVS. Starts at Stalingrad
Introduced concept of squadron specialization
- JV44 will specialize in intercept
- Added II ZG26 to Bodenplatte.  Does intercept, escort, and ground attack
Added spotters for intercept and scramble missions (BoX only)

Changed trigger for battles to have them trigger when player is close.  Will reduce occurrences of battle being over when you get there.
Fixed error where PWCG was failing to take wounded squadron members into account when staffing a flight
Fixed error where adding a new pilot would fail for an SP campaign when there was no coop user.

PWCG 8.1.0
Added enemy cover for balloon bust missions
Added opposition for balloon defense missions
Artillery now fires at a target
Ground vehicles now have individual waypoints to avoid collisions
Bombing mission selection is now configurable
Recon mission selection is now configurable
Transport mission selection is now configurable
Ground target selection is now configurable

PWCG 8.0.0
PWCG 8.0 contains dozens of small improvements.  Here are some of the more important ones:
Added cold start for Bodenplatte
Added new Bodenplatte airfields
Added spotlights for night missions
Improved layout of plane selection to allow for more payload options

Updated WWI ground structures
Fix for planes running away

Improved AAR that carries all details forward to debrief.  
Added recon missions


PWCG 7.4.0
Revised Coop User Admin
- View all pilots in all of your coop campaigns
- Add a user (not changed)
- Remove a user
Removes the user and all personas in all campaigns that are associated with that user
New Coop Campaign Admin
Admin functions for personas within the campaign
- Add pilot (not changed)
- Retire pilot: permanently retires a coop pilot
- Transfer pilot: Allows the host to perform a transfer operation on a persona


PWCG 7.3.0
Night Missions for BoS
- Fly at night.  Squadrons configured to add some percentage of night missions.
- Night witches now always fly at night
Fixed bad .list files.  Delete .list file when making binaries
Fixed Aces cannot be added to a mission
Fixed unable to add German pilot to coop campaign
Improved binary file error handling


PWCG 7.2.0
Added WWI Vehicles to FC
Added balloons, balloon bust and balloon defense missions to FC
Added Seasons to the Rhein map
Added Shermans for Americans, British , and Russians

Note to FC users: you MUST Delete your current install!  You can save campaigns to a zip and then restore them, they will work.


PWCG 7.1.0
Changed AAR to accommodate changes in logging. Made better use of damage records for victory calculation.
Changed AAR to eliminate records after mission finished, fixing issue of being shot down if finishing the mission in the air.
Changed bombers to keep formation and release all bombs at once when level bombing.
Updated Bodenplatte map images
Significant update to mission routing to ensure missoin box size is respected.
PWCG will now create msbin (binary mission) files, allowing for much faster load.
- Be aware that these files take up to 3 minutes to create.
- Occurs upon accepting a mission
- Can be disabled through Main->Configuration->User Preferences and then set create binary file to 0 (zero)
Fixed Tiger vehicle file.  Added code to automatically remove bad file.
Fixed excessing damage messages ind ebrief
Fixed smoke and buildings floating in some missions
Fixed reversal of American and British voices
- Air traffic is still Russian.  Will look  into that.
Fixed incorrect runway placement.  Planes were about 20 yards too far left.
Fixed no role for 2 seater squadrons on FC coop campaigns
Fixed cannot use pilot campaign after pilot death.  Verified that add pilot allows continuation.
Fixed pilot picture changes do not take effect until campaign is reloaded
Could not fix:
Mission flight path does not appear on Arras map for FC.  Created mission on ME (no PWCG involved) and path did not show.  Exact same construct worked properly on BoS maps.


PWCG 7.0.0
Flying Circus 
- One line but it's quite a bit of work  

Bug fixes:
Fixed error that could cause planes not to appear
Voices are now correct language
Me 262 payload description corrected
KG 51 (Me262) moved to concrete airfields
Removed restriction on leave time to allow for serious wounds to heal.
Fixed P51 and Tempest "Planes Owned" icons

PWCG 6.3.0
Bodenplatte is on the Rhine map!
Cities are in place
Made map from Google earth pics
- Will replace with game map when I get it
Front lines move
Added B25 for 139 Squadron
Added Jv44 as an independent squadron in Feb 2004

PWCG 6.2.0
Significant improvements to flight pathing.  
- Added range as a an element to aircraft.
- Creates mission box based on range with a maximum.  This moves activity to more places on the front without sending the player off too far.
- Creates minimum distance from base to mission box, to reduce instances of planes being on top of you at the start of the mission.
 - Changed AI flight ingress to mission to create better chances of contact in all scenarios.
 - Ai Squadrons participation in a mission is contingent on having the range to get there.  Should give a feel for who is stationed where.
New Advanced configs:


Added concept of special missions.  These are missions where the mission box will not be in the usual place.
- Anti shipping: anti shipping missions will cause the mission box to be created over a sea lane (Kuban only).
- Scramble: scramble missions will cause the mission box to be created near the player's airfield.
- Anti shipping missions will not be generated if you are not in range of a sea lane
- Added new advanced configs
- scrambleOddsAllied: odds of creating an allied scramble mission
- scrambleOddsAxis: odds of creating an axis scramble mission
- antiShipOddsAllied odds of creating an allied anti shipping mission
- antiShipOddsAxis odds of creating an axis anti shipping mission
Added P-51
Added P-38
Added Tempest


PWCG 6.1.5
Fixed Data error caused AAR failure in late war campaigns


PWCG 6.1.4
Fixed AI adjustment
Fixed friendly planes assigned as victories.
PWCG 6.1.3
Fixed no icons in coop.
- Icons will appear for all coop modes
- Icons associated with only one side
- Waypoint icons and airfield icons
- Restoration of WP icons causes path to appear on map


PWCG 6.1.2
Improvements to reduce lack of contact.
- Reduce size of mission box
- Mission box size is configurable (Advanced config -> mission limits)
- Reduce length of patrols to avoid going beyond mission box
- Improve patrol path to head into the mission box
- Improve offensive patrols for airfield/transport to use waypoints closer to box
- Improve offensive penetration patrols to take advantage of patrol algorithm just into enemy lines
- Reduce distance from entering the box to start of patrols.  Helps prevent need cross map navigation.
- Fixed looking at mission again after it had been created
- Added "Back to Campaign" button on every mission page to return to campaign without altering the mission
- Eliminated coop pilot selection for missions that have already been created.


PWCG 6.1.1
Mode not properly set in new coop campaigns.

PWCG 6.1.0
Three campaign modes.
- Single Player
- Cooperative Coop
- Competitive Coop
Smarter display of services and maps when creating a new campaign or pilot.
Fixed: Cooperative coop AAR broken
Fixed: Cannot find mission logs error


PWCG 6.0.1
Added a bit more AAA around airfields
Fixed No escorts for player
Fixed Return to pilot perspective broken
Fixed Friendly planes lost are assigned as victories to squadron mates.
Fixed Errors during leaves and transfers.
Fixed Too many spots in coop mission - should only be players
Fixed PO2 has wrong display name


PWCG 6.0.0
Full coop support
- Fly with your friends
- Any squadron!
- Any Side!
Cold Start (Thanks Murleen)
- Start from your hangar area and taxi to start
Improved mission pathing


PWCG 5.1.3
Added FW 190 D9 Dora.
-  Start with JG 26 in October 1944 or JG 2 in November 1944.
Fixed: Payloads modifications on several planes.  Me109 G14 and K4, FW190 A5 and A8, Macchi.  


PWCG 5.1.2
Packaged over 70 skins for squadrons - thanks to the skin creators for making these available.
Configured squadron files to use the skins.
Skins and updated PWCG are available for download at the PWCG site


PWCG 5.1.1
Modified PWCG to understand the difference between end of production and withdrawal from front line service.  Should help get newer types to the front faster.
Fixed: modifications for P47
Fixed: modifications for Spitfire IX
Verified squadron assigned skins work
Verified user assigned loose skins to squadron mates work


PWCG 5.1.0
The Western front in WWII comes to PWCG with Bodenplatte on the Stalingrad map. 
All available Bodenplatte planes are included.
Airfield names changed to match western names.
Squadrons are correct.
Squadron equipment mapped from actual to available (i.e. P51 squadrons are flying P47s)
- Will be changed as new planes are introduced.
Fixed: U2 payload.  Now has bombs and gun.


PWCG 5.0.5
Added U2 as daylight attack aircraft. 
- To play U2 campaign choose Russian. August 1942. Stalingrad map, 588 Bomber Air Regiment.
- I don't ownthis plane but the ME loads a mission with no errors.
Added P47, Spitfire Mk IX, P47, Me109 G14, Me109 K4, FW190 A8
- Not tested in game at all.
- Not incorporated into the campaign
- To make a dummy campaign, replace the assignment in a squadron and start a new campaign.
- Or wait a week or two and I will have something that looks like Bodenplatte (on the Stalingrad map)


PWCG 5.0.4
Fixed: issue where adding Italian squadron earlier was causing problems in existing campaigns.
Fixed: Escort missions.  Rendezvous fixes by me, separation fixes by Murleen.


PWCG 5.0.3
Equipment replacement enhancements:
- Increased equipment replacement rate
- Increased odds of players squadron getting replacements if severely depleted
- Increased odds of any squadron getting replacements if severely depleted
- Accounted for actual need in squadrons in generating replacement planes
Made Italian campaign available for Moscow
Fixed: Historical aces appear twice in top aces board
PWCG 5.0.2
Fixed: number in formation counter (Thanks Murleen)
Fixed: Train target is on the wrong side
Fixed: Floating smoke


PWCG 5.0.1
Fixed: Unidentified Object popup (Thanks Murleen)
Fixed: Planes not properly oriented on runway (Thanks Murleen)
Fixed: Concurrent map update exception
Fixed: Planes span on top of each other in CAP
Fixed: No planes sighted on intercvept or CAP
Fixed: Error bundler is not bundling all directories.
Fixed: Marder scrip path not properly set


PWCG 5.0.0
Support for multiple players and coop mode.
How to create a coop campaign:
- On the campaign creation screen choose coop campaign at the top/center
- Complete campaign creation process
Adding another human pilot
- In the campaign, choose "Add Pilot"
- Enter the rank and name of the new pilot
- Select the AI pilot to be replaced.
Added fog of war setting in advanced config.  Makes victories less descriptive.
- Advanced Config -> User Preferences -> DetailedVictoryDescription
- Set to 0 for less descriptive victories.  Default is 1.
New visuals:
There is a small icon on the right of the pilot name, giving pilot status.
I don't have a mission button
- All of your human pilots are dead or wounded.
- You can create a new AI pilot
- You can go on leave to heal your human pilots (info is on the leave page).

Fixed: missing LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Ships\torpedoboat38.txt
Fixed: Planes sometimes do not take off (Murleen).
Fixed: Too many out of mission AAA losses.
Fixed: Player not being made commander after promotion to major. 
Fixed: Duplicate entries in squadron log
Fixed flight not taking off at Dugino  airfield.
Fixed planes not being replaced when squasron transitions to new arch type


PWCG 4.2.1
Incorporated improved graphics (Riksen).
Disassociated pilot name from campaign name (prelude to multiple human pilots)
Incorporated fix for Kuban taxiways (Murleen).
Increased PWCG memory.


PWCG 4.2.0
Changed ground unit generation to avoid excessive number of ground units generated by AI flights.
Fixed error where depleted squadrons could be further drained.


PWCG 4.1.1
Call signs added (Murleen).
Added Stalingrad taxi mappings (Murleen)
Added planes lost to debrief UI.
Fixed replacing pilots in briefing causes AAR errors after mission.
Fixed failure to create create campaign later in war
Fixed player transfer error (Murleen)
Fixed inactive campaign members not saved (Murleen).
Fixed failure to properly apply modifications (reported for E7 but could affect others).


PWCG 4.1.0
Every squadron in PWCG is equipped.
Every plane in the mission maps to a plane in PWCG
Out of mission events affect planes in PWCG.
If a pilot gains a victory out of mission, the victim will also be a plane in PWCG.
A replacements depo of planes exists.- During each time cycle, "needy squadrons" request replacements.  Replacements are distributed from the depo.
The replacement depo is drained to compensate for squadron losses.
There is a lag between the time a plane is lost and the time that the request for a replacement is acknowledged.
The replacement pool is periodically replenished.
Over time equipment will become more of an issue, but not to a severe degree.
Slightly equipment depleted AI squadrons may not fly.
Severely equipment depleted AI squadrons will not fly.
The player's squadron will not fly if severely equipment depleted.
Made tweaks tp odds of other squadrons flying.
Landing improved: planes on the Moscow map will land and taxi to a revetment before disappearing.
A first for PWCG.  Murleen has contributed Java code.  This is the first time in nine years that an outside author has written Java code for PWCG!
Also a first: PWCG is now available on GitHub.
Murleen's contributions were a bug fix for spawn parsing and .. this was a lot of work on his part ... the landing correction noted above.  Many thanks.

Fixed spawn event parsing error
Fixed failure to create ground attack missions
Fixed failure to note missions flown.
Fixed Italian campaign.
PWCG 4.0.0
Every squadron in PWCG is staffed.
Every plane in the mission maps to a pilot in PWCG
Out of mission events affect pilots in PWCG.
If a pilot gains a victory out of mission, the victim will also be a pilot in PWCG.
The fate of the plane and pilot are separated - a pilot can easily survive being shot down.
A replacements pool of pilots exists.- During each time cycle, "needy squadrons" request replacements.  Replacements are distributed from the pool.
The replacement pool is drained to compensate for squadron losses.
There is a lag between the time a pilot is lost and the time that the request for a replacement is acknowledged.
The replacement pool is periodically replenished.
Over time manpower will become more of an issue, but not to a severe degree.
Slightly depleted AI squadrons may not fly.
Severely depleted AI squadrons will not fly.
The player's squadron will not fly if severely depleted.
PWCG 3.5.0
Add several new mission variations
- Low altitude bombing
- Low altitude patrols
- Low altitude battlefield CAP
Improved climb WP generation to reduce climb WPs to only as many as necessary to achieve altitude.
Fixed starting behind enemy lines (PWCG was still using old as well as new front line transitions)


PWCG 3.4.1

Add Yak7B
Restore squadrons fro Me-109 E-7, Me-110, Hs-129, Ju-52
Enabled mixed flights
Fixed missing aircraft profiles

PWCG 3.4.0
Altered squadrons for smoother transition in "Battles" format.
- Squadron transition within a single squadron file.  Causes natural movement through battles without actively transferring.
- Movement through battles from 1 Oct 1941 to 1 Dec 1943
- Includes early German advance through Kuban to Stalingrad and Russian advance after Stalingrad.
- Fewer squadrons for less density.  Still pretty dense, especially Kuban. 
New planes:
- A20
- P39
- La5N
- Me109G6
PWCG 3.3.3
Fixed PWCG does not work with latest BoX
PWCG 3.3.2
Fixed error when modifying advanced configuration
PWCG 3.3.1
Extend Kuban action back to July 1942.  Add mountain flying.
Added config to reduce smoke in a given area.  Smoke is now controlled by two parameters: max smoke in mission and max smoke within a radius.
Campaign->Advanced Config -> Mission Limits
-> Max Smoke In Mission
-> Max Smoke In Area
Cleaned up weather inputs in advanced config
Fixed will not respond to changes in "'Maximum amount of smoke" as intended
Fixed Radio beacon doesn't work (I think)
Fixed Attack marker showing up over friendly forces
Fixed No landing if player chooses air start
Fixed Freeze if number of aircraft config changes (max planes per flight will now be 😎
Fixed failure to create campaign in some situations
Fixed when flying the E7, selecting the 'remove headrest' option adds an armored windscreen instead (and vice versa I assume).


PWCG 3.3.0
Added Ju52
Add transport missions.  
- Transport cargo from field to field.  
- Parachute drop, daytime and nighttime.  
- Cargo drop near front.  
- Spy extraction.
Add anti shipping missions  in Kuban
Set roles by squadron instead of plane for greater flexibility.  Allow roles for a squadron to change over time.
Add target preferences based on history.  i..e. Drifters near Stalingrad in November, shipping at Kuban in Sept 1943, etc.
Bug fixes:
Reduced and normalized waypoint speeds to help formations
Added missing Kuban bridges
Improved climb wps.  Climb into mission if far from front.
Fixed freeze error on some Russian ground attack missions
Rewrote target finding algorithm for fewer failures.
Fixed AAA not appearing along front and at installations
Fixed campaign property bug that caused all defaults to be copied over.
Fixed AI does not land when waypoint progression is broken
Fixed (?) AI sometimes crashes on landing
Improved egress waypoint placement
Improved odds of contact during mission
Fixed some instances of ground units in the water


PWCG 3.2.1
Correct error preventing mission load
PWCG 3.2.0
Add smoke near front line.  Sometimes (heavy) in proximity of activity.  Other times (light) ambient. (BoS)
Add damage to structures close to the front
Replace static artillery at airfield with static trucks(BoS)
Add ambient skirmishes(BoS)
Add ambient truck convoys(BoS)
Improved takeoff alignment by introducing different spacing for small, medium and large planes
Fixed Stukas do not dive bomb (BoS)
Fixed Map scrolling through click and drag broken on briefing map
Fixed takeoff positioning error for RoF
Fixed Invalid payload for plane: 6 No 8 Naval Squadron circa November 1916 (RoF)
Fixed incorrect ranks for French Navy (RoF)
PWCG 3.1.3
Improve enemy fighter limitations on ground attack.  No fighter escort on player ground attack missions.  Limit fighter missions based on player mission type and not squadron role.
Implemented staggered formation on runway for BoS
Fixed all mission times are 0830.
Fixed no skins in skin management screen
Fixed scrolling the AAR and typing journal entries is slow
Fixed no LA5 modifications are available.
SIxed Dallas and Kinkead on some dates are showing up as not being in the RNAS
Moved wind sock away from runway for BoS
Increased air start spacing for BoS
PWCG 3.1.2
Added support for aircraft modifications along with payloads.  Modifications appear as check boxes in a new column on the briefing pilot selection chalkboard.
Added support for squadron override of aircraft roles.  This allows PWCG to offer dedicated ground support for some FW190 squarons as well as cannon armed Stuka in II./St.G.2.
Added support for initial selection of a payload to fit the mission.
Added support for AI flights to use a wider range of payloads.
Fixed plane selection issue.

PWCG 3.1.1
Added support for aircraft modifications along with payloads.  Modifications appear as check boxes in a new column on the briefing pilot selection chalkboard.
Added support for squadron override of aircraft roles.  This allows PWCG to offer dedicated ground support for some FW190 squarons as well as cannon armed Stuka in II./St.G.2.
Added support for initial selection of a payload to fit the mission.
Added support for AI flights to use a wider range of payloads.
Fixed plane selection issue.
PWCG 3.1.0
Allow players to select payload for their flight from Pilot Selection Screen
- Use Synchronize Payloads to synchronize the flight's payloads on the leader.
Added more items to BoS airfields.
- Developed empty space finder algorithm to place more stuff
Fixed squadron skin configuration
- Added back squadron skins that had been removed in 3.0
Changed initial victories, odds of loss for Luftwaffe and VVS
PWCG 3.0.2
- Added front lines
- Added airfield icons
- Added Music control screen on front panel
- Improved sound control
Fixed ground attack players overwhelmed by fighters
- New Advanced COnfig: Mission Limits -> Max Enemy Fighters For Ground Attack (default 1)
- New Advanced COnfig: Mission Limits -> Max Enemy Fighters For Fighters (default 3)
Fixed reappearing AAA (sort of)
-  Increased respawn to 10 minutes to keep them dead longer (was 3 minutes)
Fixed empty airfieds
- AAA and static planes now appear
- Added trucks if airfield is target
Fixed escort flight rendezvous
Fixed Severskaya airfield takeoffs
PWCG 3.0.1
Fixed: Pilot always dead when plane crashes.
Fixed: RoF willl not create a mission.
Fixed: Invalid plane for loose skins for plane ju523mg4e.
Fixed: Mission file cleanup not happening.
Fixed: During campaign creation, transition from rank on previous step causes error.
Fixed: Moving wayponts on briefing map sometimes caused incorrect results.
Fixed: Raised attack MCU and lengthened run to prevent AI ground crashes.
Fixed: Error when creating escort flight for player, causing missions not to be created.
Fixed: Krasnodar map takeoff.
Added: When creating a campaign filter by map.  Add map to squadron description text.  



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Not for me. I got V1.0.1


Blue shadows have gone, exe starts ok.


I noticed in the missions today there is not a lot of wind in there. Most I've seen was 2km/h.

I did set max wind to 20 in the text file.

Is this coincidence?

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I/JG52 campaign, October first: buildings are covered with snow on marinovka, gear tracks are snowy, and all planes fly empty, without a pilot:




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I/JG52 campaign, October first: buildings are covered with snow on marinovka, gear tracks are snowy, and all planes fly empty, without a pilot:




Yes, happens with autumn map. Summer map works fine 1/8 1942

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...and all planes fly empty, without a pilot.

I've come across this problem with the ME. Seems like a glitch in the game, rather than in PWCG.

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In my current LaGG campaign I flew an escort mission. 4 LaGG escorting 4 Pe-2. Mission went well until it was time to say good bye to the bombers. Next WP for us came visible but when our flight leader turned towards it he changed his mind and turned back to the bombers. Bombers circled, they didn`t continue to their home base or anything. With every circle our leader turned towards the WP to home but turned immediately back to the circling bombers.


I attached the mission file.


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It has something to do with the AI routines. I did see this too when my flight was attacked right after take off. I went off to fly the mission, when I came back, my flight had gained some distance to the next waypoint circling all the time. Probably not much Pat can do.


I don't know what exactly, but there seem to be some circumstances which provoke the AI to start circling... and circling...and circling.

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It has something to do with the AI routines. I did see this too when my flight was attacked right after take off. I went off to fly the mission, when I came back, my flight had gained some distance to the next waypoint circling all the time. Probably not much Pat can do.


I don't know what exactly, but there seem to be some circumstances which provoke the AI to start circling... and circling...and circling.

I think that in this escort mission bombers did not have a WP to home. They would have headed for their base and our flight for the next WP. My flight leader tried to head for home several times but bombers circled just in time at very close range and he changed his mind.


But if bombers had waypoint to home, it clearly was not working. Of course that can be AI`s fault or just a bug with the mission waypoints.

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I/JG52 campaign, October first: buildings are covered with snow on marinovka, gear tracks are snowy, and all planes fly empty, without a pilot:



I noticed this too and reported it to 1CGS


Edit: 1CGS responded to check back with Pat about the missing pilots. This problem doesn't appear in any missions other than PWCG so it must be something with that.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Release 1.1 has been released.  See updated OP for release details.  I will always update the OP with every new release.  


Installation: You can simply unzip it over the original install to keep settings and campaigns.  Suggestion: back up campaigns before installing.


Bugs not fixed:
Circling AI - I tried some tings but I still see them.  I'll keep working this one.
Altitude on air start
Winter tracks and houses in autumn
Some typos and wrong destination in the squadron move screen. Squadron moved from Bol. Rossoshka to Gumrak.
Wind sock is on the runway at Gumrak
No pilots in the planes
In mission debrief, mission name says patrol for escort mission.
So if you see any of these there is no need to report it.  I will continue to work them.
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Release 1.1

Extended playability of Stalingrad campaign from 01/01/1941 to 12/31/1943

01/01/1941? Did you mean 01/01/1942?


Anyway, very excited to hear about this update. I'll download ASAP :)

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Wow man, bloody awesome.

I'm totally hooked in flying the Bf110 in the campaign.



Only one complaining is the missus........ :wacko:

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I'm away from my PC so that's why I'm asking if the new Mig-3 is workable in this new version.I am delighted that the Bf-110 is! :salute:

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Every BoM plane is included in some way.  I16, MiG3, and E7 are available before the start of Stalingrad but removed from service by the start of the battle.  Macchi, 110, and P40 are available throughout.


BoM planes not yet built are included in PWCG but are currently substituted by their closest approximation.  Putting them in will require only a quick change and test.  


Once the BoM map makes an appearance there will be a significant amount of work to get it incorporated, so some patience will be needed there.  

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Yak 1 was available from the start of the war, so in PWCG it is available from Jan 1 1942.  LaG 5 was a new design in late 42 and is only available around the start of Stalingrad.

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Yak 1 was available from the start of the war, so in PWCG it is available from Jan 1 1942.  LaG 5 was a new design in late 42 and is only available around the start of Stalingrad.

Some people in russian forum say that yak available when la-5 is. When career starts before this period, missions generated in pwcg, but not presented in game.

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Some people in russian forum say that yak available when la-5 is. When career starts before this period, missions generated in pwcg, but not presented in game.


 I am thinking Yak 1 in general, they may be talking about Yak 1 Ser 24 which is what we have in the game.  They would be more technically correct, but I am somewhat forgiving about dates as long as it is reasonable.  

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 I am thinking Yak 1 in general, they may be talking about Yak 1 Ser 24 which is what we have in the game.  They would be more technically correct, but I am somewhat forgiving about dates as long as it is reasonable.  

Sorry Patrick for my english, maybe you misunderstand me. Look please for bug report thread, i've reported more of this. And i probably found something else.

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Patrick, would it be possible to make some targets appear on the airfields I regularly have to attack?

When I'm over the target area, there are multiple anti aircraft guns and machine guns, but no parked planes, no buildings to be destroyed, no airfield targets so to speak.

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Pat, who the hell provided you with these italian names?  :lol: Palla? :lol: Giovenco? :lol:


The internet.  And the internet is always right so don't go criticizing the internet :)


Being serious, I did a lookup of popular Italian names.  They might be more modern than is really necessary for the 1940s.  If they look odd, blame the Italians :).  


It's all plain text so easily changed.  Two files - one for first  names and one for last that gets mixed and matched.

Patrick, would it be possible to make some targets appear on the airfields I regularly have to attack?

When I'm over the target area, there are multiple anti aircraft guns and machine guns, but no parked planes, no buildings to be destroyed, no airfield targets so to speak.


It is possible.  Takes work but it can be done.  I'll put it on the to do.

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Not familiar with SG1. Is hat a Jabo unit?

Yes. Schlachtgeschwader 1 was a JABO unit that operated in the crimea area and offcourse Stalingrad.


Need info?


Grt Martijn

They also operated Henschel attack aircraft, but we dont have those. The E7 would do the trick.


Grt Martijn

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  • PatrickAWlson changed the title to PWCG 13.3.0 Are the new cannons coming soon?

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