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30K over Stalingrad

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There are winter and summer. I tried my best to change the times to match when the sun light would be coming around the edge of the Earth between the Winter times and the Summer times. It was about a 2 and 1/2 hour difference, but may still not be totally accurate. I don't know if its because I was off on my times, or that the colors actually match the seasons. They seem more subdued in the Winter screens while more vibrant during the Summer screens. In art there's a different pallet between the seasons, don't know if the devs used that here and I am not an art person so I haven't the slightest clue about the pallet differences.


Anyway, here are a few of them while I was bored:









They don't look that great through the pop-up viewer, much better in bmp format full screen but whatever. Maybe someone will enjoy them.

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I think he means 30000 ft? Nice shots!


lol yes must be feet the manned propeller biplane record in October 1938 was 56,850 ft 17,330 m by Lieutenant Colonel Mario Pezzi Caproni in a Ca.161



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