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Brothers in War [Video]

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Wings of Liberty Server


Enjoy the Video





As usual I go out with my FW 190, whenever you let me clear on the server in which we fly,. I like to do Jabo. In this mission, the results were curious, I decided to attack a convoy of enemy tanks trucks with supplies, including making a quick pass with SC250 pump in and out of there with the same energy I trying to recover up to her, but when I do my second pass with guns on trucks, visualize a plane that is being battered by three aircraft, then who is no friend or enemy, but as I get closer I see that this dodging the constant inputs 3 YAK 'S1 is a Bf109F4,which was doing escort me without my realizing it, later I realized it was my squadron mate, E69_Haukka. certainly, the 3 Yak's, were not pilots lot, also later learned that pilots was two of the best ECV56_Necathor ** ECV56_Black-ice the third Yak it was a little less experienced, since their desire to overthrow my Kamarada , little he was to cost the lives of their own comrades, which was my first victim to be neglected entirely my bird, everything has a price, and get to Haukka this your 6 cost me being chased by two ECV56, especially Necathor, but even touched my fellow E69_Haukka Armas, was released without thinking to attack to get rid of my pursuer, and he did, can I return to regain altitude and re-enter that battle .. way, I got my second victim .. ECV56_Black-ice, but it was too late for my Kamarada Haukka, Black Ice claimed victory seconds before I charged yours. the ending was tragic and not shown here, ECV56_Necathor was relentlessly pursuing me occasionally doing some impact, as I dirijia straight course to base, suddenly noticed a big bang on my tail and when I looked, I saw the disaster with the cannon had an impact on my area of ​​horizontal stabilizer tail and tearing the roots left surface, which consigio cause immediate loss of Control .. fortunately I controlled more or less like I could fall and got out alive from the plane smashed the impact on the ground.

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