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Introducing the Pat Wilson Campaign Generator for BOS

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Pat Wilson Campaign Generator for BOS or PWCG for short -  allows you to play the role of a WWII pilot on the Eastern Front. You choose either Russia or Germany and you fly for that nation. You can freely transfer between squadrons. You are in control.


You can join the Luftwaffe or VVS. You can perform ground attack missions in an IL-2 or bombing missions in an He-111 or Pe-2.  Fancy dive bombing in a Stuka? Do it!  Fly iconic fighters like the Bf-109, Fw-190, Yaks and Laggs.  As BOS expands, take your pilot from battle to battle.


Enemy and friendly flights are not spawned at trigger points, but actually go about their business just as you do. This makes encounters quite natural and not forced. You might encounter a flight doing anything, from any direction, at any altitude. Mission parameters are historical so the things that they do will make sense.  Each PWCG mission has thousands of randomizations so no two will ever be the same. 


Earn historically accurate medals for your endeavors.  Fighter, bomber, and attack pilots can receive medals, each with different requirements to receive awards. Medals are awarded historically (or as close as we can get). German medals are awarded for consistent performance and Allied medals for achievements combined with for acts of bravery. Ranks are correct for your service, and promotions come with experience and success. Higher ranking pilots are given the better planes. 


For any ground attack mission there might be a battle going on underneath you. The attacker will be attempting to advance on the defender's position. Artillery and machine guns will be firing, tanks will be rolling, and a flare might pop to mark a position. Should you join the fray? Go ahead, but those guys on the ground are not helpless.


Your AI pilots also improve with experience and success. If you are a leader, let your AI mates finish a cripple. Fly inexperienced pilots with experienced ones. You might be rewarded when the ace that you nurtured saves your bacon in a tough fight.


In the briefing room you can change the mission. Move a waypoint, change the altitude, change the fuel load, etc. Move to the pilot board to change the pilot and plane assignments.  Don't like the mission?  Scrub it and generate another one.


Use the debrief to find out what happened on your mission. Claim your victories and see if they are confirmed! Add your comments to the combat report. When you are done, read the latest news and reports after the mission. Did an ace die? Was a squadron mate awarded a medal? Has a new offensive begun? You can even under-claim to try to give victories to your squadron mates, or over-claim and try to steal their victories.


While you are in your campaign look at the squadron logs to see what happened in your unit over the course of your career. Look at your journal to see old combat reports. If you want to adds notes, you can. 


PWCG allows you to fly dead is dead. select this option in advanced config and take your chances. Flying DiD also allows your pilot to be captured. If the vagaries of flying a computer sim are too much for DiD, choose heavily wounded as a maximum penalty. It is no small penalty as you will be out of action for months.


PWCG has the ability to record the events of historical aces.  You can even fly with or against them.  (Historical aces are not yet in but they are only a dedicated user and a text file away and we hope to add them over time with the help of the community)


PWCG uses any historical or plausible skins that are available. Wherever a squadron skin exists PWCG makes appropriate use of it. Changes in camouflage and markings can be historically represented. To add to the variety,if non-ace personal schemes exists for a unit they are used in conjunction with the generic squadron markings. Plain factory markings are also sometimes used to mix things up further. (Proper skins for all squadrons and aces are not yet in, but we hope to add them over time with the help of the community)


PWCG will evolve over time as the Sturmovik series is expanded and additional changes and fixes are rolled out by the development team.


We hope this explains what you can expect in a PWCG campaign and we also hope you enjoy PWCG for BOS. 




Pat and Jason


Note: PWCG is not an official part of BOS/BOM, but a very well done and in-depth 3rd Party application. The development team and management has asked Pat to bring PWCG to BOS/BOM as an additional option for users who prefer this style of campaign. Pat was kind enough to oblige. All glory to Pat and his programming skills!


You can download the latest version of PWCG for BOS on Pat's website here.



Here is a video by Requiem that explains how to get started with PWCG.


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