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I don't think anyone would be hurt by making the sim more appealing to more people. Grey icons would be a nice aid for the visually impaired or VR users without getting rid of having to ID targets and such


Of course what would really be nice would be BMS-style smart scaling but implementing something like that isn't trivial

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2 hours ago, 77.CountZero said:

. I played on servers with icons in 1946, so i understand that the way icons are now in game is realy bad and has a lot room for improvments, but why would they waist time on that when there is so small customer base for it.


Because they already improved it once and adopted some of my original suggestions three years ago. The suggested improvements are relatively simple and and would improve the experience for a segment of their audience. If the argument is that a minority (Normal) has no bearing on the game, then online players (with or without icons) should have no voice whatsoever. Relative hundreds (online) vs tens of thousands (SP). That is the general argument you are making, yes?


BTW, I didn’t revive this thread and if you read it all, I’ve conceded some points earlier for ease of implementation. The game should improve for all segments of the community. It doesn’t have to be equitable and it definitely shouldn’t be catered to only the loudest voices. It is what ruined CLOD and almost killed this one as well. Minor improvements within the framework of workload and overall vision where they are able to squeeze them in help form cohesion amongst this disparate rabble.

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