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BOS Benevolent Foundation

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Pls check your profile page (go to licence keys) and activate your standard edition. Happy flying!



Thanks to the gents CBZ323 and tzigy for their generosity. I salute your kindness and generosity!

Many thanks blackram_!

Really this (and ROF) community are special. :drinks:




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A little late but sent it just now. Have fun.


There is still one Fw and one La available to a good home.

Hey dude. I know I already asked for a friend, but can I snatch that La? 

I've also got a buddy who could use that Fw. His username is Raptor33099

I kinda feel bad for asking you to give most these keys away to me and my buddies, and I can't express my appreciation towards you for doing this except by saying thanks.


I'll make sure to do one of these down the road sometime.

Thanks again Murf  :salute:

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Really nice initiative ;)


I am definitely looking into getting over to BoS/BoM battlefields one day, when the price decreases:p

And whats even more important I free some time to play it.


It is good sign that community seems to be friendly, so see you in air soon i hope:)


PS. Or in CloD:)

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