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Cant see my skins

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Hello Guys 


I have downloaded some skins and i am not able to see them, or select them.


the folder is not in prog files 64 but on my g drive: il 2 battle of stalingrad\data\graphics\skins.


i see there my planes and placed the dds. skin in there.


But it is not working.


what did i wrong?


Pls help guys



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The customs skin should be available where ever you've installed the game folders.

I have a spare copy of the game on a mobile drive and I can use personnal skins.


First are you sure that your skins are *.dds files ?

This question might seem silly but some times its worth remaing the basics.


If your skins have the right format, did you try that :


When you open the Setup plane pannel you can see on the right upper edge the skin choice tag, the default choice is "official" and displays the ingame default skins (and your unlocks as well).

Click on "Official" and you'll also see a "Custom" option.

Select "Custom" and your skins should be there.

The point is that the skin preview is not displayed on the Custom mode but it is in the Official mode.

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