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Avvertimento!!! ADW online war

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Dear pilots, administration of server's -DeD- make conducting a survey about the generator of combat missions and website with pilot's and squad's statistics for servers BOS.
The generator will create all day (24h) online war, automatically moving the front line and with advanced economies. Generation each of the following missions and units on the map will be automatically generated in the generator depending on the results of the previous mission. The war will go over a certain number of cities on the map. The winner is the side that captures all the town.
For the server to the war would be made the registration site, and the statistics for pilots and squads. A similar project was successfully generated in the simulatorIL-2 FB, he called Air Domination War (ADW).

But in order for a team of programmers started to work, they want to be sure that the pre-idea financially supported by at least 200 people - this is purpose of the survey.

In the Russian-speaking forum a similar survey - supported the idea at this point at least 92 people.
When the total for the English-speaking and Russian-speaking forum reach 200 people who ready to support the project, developers start to work.

Important detail, payment for the work of programmers will only be after they finish, that is, no pre-payment will be. Payment method: Once programmers will finish the work, you will be able to register on the site of "the war to a generator missions" to pay a monthly user cost from $ 3 to $ 20 depending on how much you do not mind spending to support the project. After payment of monthly subscriber, you can participate in a war with a generator missions during the month. Payment will be a monthly subscriber for each new month to pay. The money will be used to support and improve the site statistics generator missions.
P.S. We, the Russian-speaking community of IL-2 BOS are asking you to support this idea, because the game at the moment are need a serious project with a war. For english-speak pilots need 100 votes




So please go here and vote!



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e' quello che occorre per dare una marcia in piu' a questo Sim e per riaggregare la comunita' di volo...

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