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I hate to disappoint you guys but as there has not been an announcement of some server down time yet, it means there's not gonna be an update for today.

Tomorrow is Friday and then it's weekend so we all will have to have some patience for the next few days (or weeks).


Have a nice day.



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Launcher does not see the update yet, but starting the game fails as "there is new version available, please update the game".


So I'd say too its getting pretty close  ☺️

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2 hours ago, Missionbug said:

I wonder when there will be something to show for the Normandy map, itching to see what it is like.:drinks:


Take care and be safe.


Wishing you all the very best, Pete.:biggrin:

Yeah, can't wait to see the first screenshots of the map!

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All the way on Page 2?! Madness. So, assuming we get a DD today, it's an absolute wildcard, right? My money is either on some pics of the TC AAA vehicles, or (because I have been an especially good boy this week), maaaaybe another sneak peak at the Spit XIV??


Lets speculate and be wrong! 

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