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Tangmere Pilots Friday public CO-OP

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Hi all and welcome to the Tangmere Pilots public co-op server. 


Every Sunday (apart from summer and Christmas breaks) the Tangmere Pilots virtual squadron run a co-op mission, players against AI. We've been doing this every weekend for the last thirteen years with IL-2, 1946, CLoD and now Battle of Stalingrad. Three weeks ago we started our new campaign based around the battle of Velikiye Luki and because we've all been enjoying it so much we thought it would be good to share some of the fun with the wider community. So from this Friday we'll be running the campaign on our public server and giving access to our TeamSpeak room.


As we've never tried public co-ops before will start off with a maximum of 12 slots available. No need to book just show up at the start time and join. We'd encourage you all to use TeamSpeak as we'll need to be coordinated in the air. The mission will last about forty-five minutes to an hour. If this Friday is a success we'll run the rest of the campaign


SERVER NAME: Tangmere Pilots public co-op



Password: Friday


START TIME: Friday 26th June at 20:00 GMT(9pm UK time). Since this is a co-op mission all pilots need to be in the server by 20:10.


SPAWN: Enter the server and select a Yak-1 on the Spawn airfield. You'll spawn on the runway but with you engine off. Please wait for the green flare before taking off.


IT'S A CO-OP: We're all on the same side trying to complete a mission against the AI so please respect other players and importantly, have fun!



Velikiye Luki 01


10:45. 18 November, 1942. Staraya Toropa airfield, Kalinin Front


Yak-1s of the 32nd IAD (Fighter Aviation Regiment) of the 210th IAD (Fighter Aviation Division), 3rd Air Army.


BRIEFING:- Comrades, the 32nd IAD have been ordered forward to an airfield 40km from the frontline. Our new airfield is located near Lake Dvinye and we’ll land there on the way back from this morning’s escort mission. 


The take-off signal will be a single green flare. Form up with the PE-2 taking-off from the runway to our right. You’ll escort the Pe-2s to the rail yards at Novosokolniki. Bombing altitude is 4000m and the attack run will commence from the south. Get the bombers to the target and back over our frontline then land at Dvinye. 


INTELLIGENCE:- The Stavka is committing more and more units to this sector of the front. 


WEATHER:- Patchy low cloud.


MISSION SUCCESS:- No more than 2 PE-2s are lost.

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If you ever want human enemy give us a shout :)


Hope your mission goes well 



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Thanks Emil. Hopefully see some of the BOS community join us tonight, we usually have a blast on Fridays  :)

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