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Hi All!


I copy that tred from Russian forum.

Nice flight!




English briefing does not display in game because of game editor bug. I post it below for english pilots.




Legend of the map: Red icons = Destroy Enemy Targets, Blue icons = Defend Frendly Targets


That mission consist of 5 stage.

Coalition, who is the first destroyed all enemy targets in the current stage, going into the offensive and the moving the frontline on the next position of the next stage.

Coalition, who is the first destroyed all enemy targets in the finish stage, have a Victory.


1. The frontline can be moved on the both direction in the each stage.

2. Flak ambush present in the all stage of the mission except the finishing stages.

3. If the frontline moving on the previouse stage - all targets of that stage will be respawn.

4. In the each stage each coalition having only two airfields.

© 72AG_Crusader




English targetnames and subtitles coming soon.


Remind to linear bombers, that final targets (Factory in Stalingrad for Germany and Trainstation+Warehouse in Surovikino for USSR) need to kill by quantity of bombs, not caliber (use SC-50, SC-250, FAB-100 instead of SC-1000, SC-1800, FAB-500).

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Hello, guys!


Mission updated just now. Server up.



1. Soviet 61K AAA AI was graded down to make losses from them comparable with losses of german 20mm Flaks.

2. Removed "Finish mission in flight" option.

3. Fixed issue with english briefing in game. It is now displaying as well.

4. English subtitles fixed and translated.

5. Target names on map translated. English localization should be fine now.

6. Added 5min respawn for AAA at final targets, to make it harder for lone assault planes.



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Hi Guys. I love this server and I'd like to help you with the translation from english into german.

Hi, Emil_Junus. Thx for offer!

Do you need some instructions, how to make german localization file?


I post it anyway :)

Its pretty simple. You can open english localization file ("airdominationbosby72ag.eng") in "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight" folder. Use any text editor (im using notepad++). All you need - rewrite all strings except  "<message_number>:" - its required by the game to determine, what message to show.

Save file with .ger extension and send it to me. I will post it to mission, and it will be german mission brief and messages in game!


Note, that you are not allowed to use "Enter" in end of the line, you must use <br> tag instead.

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i wish good luck for 72AG,  i think new il2 needs ADW




I think so too. But it is not simple in mission editor to make economics, resource management, etc. It would be awesome to have "programmable trigger" feature - this could resolve huge bulk of tasks in creating 24/7 war.

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There is a game bug. If you dont see correct german localization, written by Emil_Junus, that means your localization cached (old version). To resolve this problem - remove file "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Multiplayer\Dogfight\airdominationbosby72ag.ger". After that - game load file again and it will be correct.


Bug report sent.

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Hello, everybody!


Mission updated

- Added unlimited MC.202 on german airfields and unlimited I-16 on soviet airfields

- Each soviet airfield added 6 P-40

- Ground targets icons now displays correctly via user settings. Red - enemy, blue - friendly or Red - friendly, blue - enemy. This option was added last patch.


We'll add statistics "IL-2 stats" like Wings of Liberty, when it will be finished testing there and released.


Fly safe!

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Hello everybody!

I was busy in rebuilding mission and working with hoster on setting up IL2 stats. So, now we are finished and i would like to present you whole new Air Domination mission, and its updated concept:


Air Domination Server by 72AG.
up to 84 players


Server statistics:

Server's TeamSpeak 3:

Server's Features:


  • Area capture in one long lasting mission.
  • Moving ground forces: advancing mechanized units, defending anti-tank guns and armors.    
  • Combined ground forces: enginery, AT guns and warehouses.
  • Unlock modifications and replenish aircrafts with supply missions.
  • List of available modifications is defined by players via discussion here at our forum (at this topic)
  • Airfields can be fully destroyed to stop any activity.
  • AA (anti-aircraft guns) level - average. Flac38 is used as 61-K.

Victory is granted to the team seized the whole map or goes to the team with biggest score if mission ran out of time.

Destruction of warehouses greatly simplifies the destruction of the entire target (50%).

Statistics refreshes upon mission end.

Number of aircrafts determined by server administration to keep gameplay balanced and interesting,  taking into account the wishes of the players on the forum.



Mission briefing:


1. Possible ground targets
Warehouse – field warehouse of advancing/defending ground forces
Front Airfield – airfield closest to frontline, resupplying it opens up aircraft modifications.
Rear Airfield – rear airfield with standard planeset and some amount of modified aircrafts available.
North Attack Group
South Attack Group
North Defense Group
South Defense Group
2. Objectives
To win the mission the Luftwaffe and the Red Air Force should help their ground units break the frontline
and advance deep into enemy territory.
3. Moving frontline
To move frontline teams have to destroy BOTH north and south enemy defense/attack groups.  Team's ground forces
immediately pass the offensive and advance front line forward. Germany - to the East, the Soviet Union - to the west.
4. Airfields and planes
As mission starts both teams have 2 front, 2 rear and 1 supply airfields.
As frontline moves the losing team moves its front fields closer to rear ones. Losing too much of a territory leads to losing
front field(s)
The winning team moves its front fields following the frontline at a safe distance.
Front and rear fields can be blocked (closed) with airstrike. Rear fields take more damage to close.
Closed fields can be re-open with supply mission.
Recently moved front field has standard planes. Supply mission unlocks modified planes.
Rear fields have standard planeset and very limited amount of modified aircrafts always.
Number of planes can be replenished with supply mission.
As soon as closed (blocked/destroyed) field is re-opened with supply mission it gets advanced planeset available.  
5. Supply
Fields can be supplied by means of special supply planes available at supply field.
Supply fields can not be destroyed, as well as anti-aircraft guns on them.

6. AA guns
Each of ground targets and airfields protected by three 20 mm automatic anti-aircraft guns and three anti-aircraft guns of large caliber.
AA skill level - average.
Accuracy and range of anti-aircraft guns protecting supply fields - maximum, amount - mission impossible wink.png
7. Ground targets
At each stage of the mission, there are two attack groups and two defense groups. Their structure also includes the field warehouse.
Attack group is a cluster of tanks and armored vehicles moving toward defense group.
Attack group starts moving 15 minutes after last frontline change or with first air attack or with any friendly aircraft getting close.
Red flare will be fired when group start moving.
Defense groups are anti-tank artillery, self-propelled anti-tank guns and armored vehicles.
Self-propelled anti-tank guns and armored vehicles will move to firing position with any enemy or friendly aircraft in sight.
Tanks, self-propelled anti-tank guns and armored vehicles of both teams initially stationed at their field warehouses before they start moving
to their firing positions. Anti-tank artillery stationed at firing positions.
Each attack/defense group has total of 16 units. To destroy group You need 12 of 16.
Destroying field warehouse is equal to destroying 8 units.
8. Mission stages, victory conditions
The team first to destroy BOTH enemy ground groups wins the stage. No matter what part of the map this happened.
Attack group with no air support loses by default. This way ground units left for themselves will keep fighting
at the same two stages changing roles over and over and over.
Mission has 5 stages and starts at Stage 3 with Germany attacking. If Germany defeated at Stage 1 - the Soviet Union wins the mission.
Germany wins mission by defeating Soviet Union at Stage 5.




Ask to moderator: fix this post in head of the topic, please



i'm sorry for my english


Huge THANKS to 72AG_BlackWing for help with translation ;)

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Moderator, pin my post above to top of the topic, please.


Mission updated:


On Soviet rear airfields amount of IL-2 with Vya-23 increased from 4 to 8 planes, standard modifications decreased from 12 to 8 planes.

On Soviet front airfields amoint of IL-2 with Vya-23 and turret increased from 6 to 10 planes, IL-2 with Vya-23 and FAB-250 decreased from 8 to 4 planes.


On German rear airfields amount of Ju-87 with additional MGs increased from 4 to 6 planes, Ju-87 with BK 3.7 increased from 2 to 4 planes, Standard modifications decreased from 12 to 8 planes.

On German front airfields amount of Ju-87 with SC1800 increased from 2 to 4 planes, Standard modifications decreased from 12 to 10 planes.

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